If you wish to attend another school or English program, you will have to request a transfer from IEC to that school. Please be aware of these important facts:

  • While you may apply to several schools, you must select the school you will attend before requesting a transfer of your SEVIS record.
  • Once your SEVIS record is released (transferred), we will no longer have access to make any changes to your SEVIS record.
  • We cannot complete a transfer without proof of acceptance from the new school.
  • Your SEVIS record must be transferred out NO LATER than 60 days from the last day of your attendance of the IEC.

If you decide to transfer out of the IEC to attend another school in the United States, these are the steps you need to follow:

1. Make sure all outstanding fees are paid.

2. Bring the new school's transfer report to the IEC Office. The IEC will complete the form and indicate a "transfer out" date.

3. Complete the IEC Authorization to Release SEVIS Record form and submit with the new school's transfer report to the IEC Office.

4. Once you (or your new school) have submitted proof of official acceptance from the new school to the IEC and all other required forms, the IEC will transfer out your SEVIS record.

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