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Option 1: Certificate Program

Certificate Program is 3 week program ( July 9 - July 27, 2018 )


About the Program

Course Description

The 3-week program includes lectures on three distinct areas as described below as well as a class focusing on English language skills. The courses on special topics will differ each week, but the EAS course will meet each day. Classes will run Monday through Thursday for four hours each day. On Fridays and weekends, participants will attend field trips and events planned by GSI and will have free time to enjoy activities of their own choice.

Course Description

International Business and Finance Leadership Skills and Training American Culture and Society
This course will cover issues faced by international business organizations. Participants will enhance their global awareness as they learn important skills needed to function competitively in an interdependent world.  This course will focus on principles and skills that define leadership skills. Participants will build on their current skills and enhance their resume by gaining a solid understanding of effective leadership strategies.  This course offers an overview of contemporary American society and events important to American history. Present-day issues and perspectives will be examined through readings, multimedia, and communicative activities.
Special Lectures English for Academic Success (EAS)
The certificate program includes special lectures from high-level faculty and administration at Stony Brook University on topics ranging from the Global Challenge of Infectious Diseases to the Global Impact of the American Presidential Election.  Click here for the full list of featured speakers This course will help participants enhance their English language skills, focusing on oral presentation skills and fluency. In addition, instructors will provide guided support with the material covered in the lectures on business, leadership skills, and American culture.


Schedule (Tentative)

Program Calendar
  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
9:30 - 12:00 International Business and Finance Leadership Skills and Training American Culture and Society
13:30 - 15:00 English for Academic Success English for Academic Success English for Academic Success


You must be at least 17 years old (born before 7/10/2001) and have intermediate level of English Proficiency.

What is EAS?

English for Academic Success (EAS) The Intensive English Center offers a special program in which students will learn how to effectively communicate in English in an academic environment by enhancing their overall language skills. Instructors will provide guided support to help students with the material included in the morning classes and special lectures. Participants in the program will enhance presentation skills, pronunciation, intonation, word stress, and fluency. In addition, this course will focus on listening to academic lectures and learning effective note-taking skills. Students will acquire strategies to enhance summarizing, analyzing, paraphrasing skills, and learn effective ways to present their work in writing with more confidence.


Language Proficiency

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We recommend an intermediate level of English language proficiency. If you do not have score for IELTS, TOEFL, (or Chinese CET): You will take an English proficiency placement test via Skype.

Please email us at for details.

Important Dates

Application Deadline Class Registration Payment Program Dates
May 1 April 1 - June 30 June 30 July 10 - July 29

Estimated Costs

Total Cost


Please email us at or call us at  +1 (631) 632-7031. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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