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Global Summer Institute Application Process

Global Summer Institute is an initiative of the Global Affairs Office. Brochure is available in three languages.
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Before you start your application there are a few things you should know:

All GSI students are required to live on-campus. The GSI application process is separated into two parts. All prospective students must complete Part I through Apply Yourself (AY), by providing general biographical information necessary for each applicant. Part II is for any student applying for a student visa (F-1). Mandatory documents will be uploaded through the accessVIS system. Please follow the instructions below: Clicking on the button to Apply Yourself - the online application system.

PART I: General Information through ApplyYourself

Each prospective student will need to create an account using ApplyYourself (AY). Click on the [CREATE ACCOUNT] tab on the right side of the AY homepage. Carefully enter all information under Account Profile, follow the directions to create a password and create your account. A confirmation email containing your PIN information will be automatically sent to the email address provided. Save your password and PIN number in a safe place since you will need both to access your application in the future. 

Once you have signed into your AY account, please complete the following sections: 
PROGRAM SELECTION: Choose “Global Summer Institute”. [Save & Continue] 
GENERAL INFORMATION: Enter all required information correctly. Be careful to enter your name and date of birth in the correct format. [Save & Continue] 
CONTACT INFORMATION: Enter all required information correctly. Remember to add postal code to address. [Save & Continue] 
GLOBAL SUMMER INSTITUTE: Enter all required information correctly. If you have already applied to Stony Brook University, enter your SBU ID# in the space provided. [Save & Continue] 
VISA INFORMATION: Enter all required information correctly. If you are a permanent resident or citizen, you must upload a copy of your green card or US passport here. [Save & Continue] 
DECLARATION OF APPLICANT: Read and type your full name and date as your digital signature. 
At this point, the application will let you know if you are missing any of the required information. Once your application is complete, you will be able to hit the [SUBMIT] button at the top of the screen.. 
You will receive an email with your new Stony Brook ID. You will also receive instructions on how to apply for a Form I-20.

PART II: Request for Form I-20 and Financial Information

Visa Requirements - The Visa & Immigration Office will issue I-20s (Certificates of Eligibility) for those students who fulfill the GSI admission requirements and provide evidence of financial support. The I-20 form is used to apply for a student visa (F-1) at an American embassy or consulate. Please note that not all visa types are appropriate for full-time study and GSI does not issue I-20s for Change of Visa Status. Students applying for the 3-week Certificate Program (Option 1) will not require a student visa, therefore, students will not need to apply for an I-20.

All new students requesting an I-20 must login to AccessVIS to complete and submit the electronic "Request for an I-20" form.

To login to AccessVIS click here (

  1. Click the Limited Services link on the AccessVIS homepage.
  2. Enter your Student ID# (emplid), Date of Birth, and Limited Access PIN
  3. Expand the Request for GSI I-20 tab (located on the left sidebar)
  4. Complete the Request for an I-20 form.

It is important that you complete the form fully and upload the correct documents. Once a form is submitted, it cannot be resubmitted. 
The request will require you to upload the following documents: 

Proof of Financial Support
All students need to upload financial support documents showing at least $7,000 in the form of a bank letter which states your name or your sponsor’s name in English. When completing this section, please remember to list the name and relationship of your sponsor(s) in the space provided. This is information that will be indicated on your I-20 and should match the name of the account holder on the bank documents you upload. 

Upload a copy of the passport page that shows your full name and photo 

Transferring Students (if applicable)
If you are transferring from another school, you must upload the following with your application: a. Transfer report completed and signed by your current school. Or, your school may send the form directly to the IEC (Download form here) b. A copy of your current I-20 form c. A copy of your visa and electronic I-94 number. 

Once your passport and financial documentation has been reviewed and approved, your application and I-20 will be processed and mailed to you with other acceptance packet information.

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