School of Health Technology and Management

Guidelines for Completing Missing Requirements

Conditional Admission

Candidates must meet all requirements for admission and are responsible for ensuring that official documentation (transcripts, test scores, references, and record of experience if applicable) has been received by the Health Sciences Office of Student Services. The letter you have received regarding conditional admission is your second notice of missing requirements; the first was a statement, which you signed at the time of interview.

Please be reminded that we must have your official transcript(s) from institutions other than Stony Brook University documenting successful completion (i.e., grades of C or better from other institutions) of the following:

  • A minimum of 57 semester credits (Baccalaureate degree for PT, PA, OT, AHI, and HCPM).
  • A minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 for undergraduate programs and 3.0 for graduate programs.  
  • A minimum of 3 semester hour credits of English composition (WRT 102 from SBU), or transcript documentation that you have passed a proficiency examination in English composition which has waived the requirement for you.
  • A minimum of 6 semester hour credits (9 credits for PT) in the area of arts and humanities which, by the School of Health Technology and Management definition, must be from among the following areas:
    • English above the composition level (e.g., literature surveys, comparative literature, poetry, drama, fiction) 
    • Foreign languages taken at the intermediate level or higher (first-year conversational foreign language courses do not meet this requirement)
    • Religion/religious studies
    • Classics
    • Philosophy
    • Art history/appreciation
    • Music and theater arts (except for studio or performance courses) (Please note that public speaking does not meet this requirement.)
  • A minimum of 6 semester hour credits (9 credits for OT, PT and PA) in social and behavioral sciences which, by the School of Health Technology and Management definition, must be from among the following areas: anthropology, economics, history, linguistics, political science, psychology, sociology (OT requires Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Introduction to Sociology or Anthropology). 
  • The natural science and mathematics courses required by the following specific programs:
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • 8 credits of biology (BIO 150 from SBU does not meet this requirement)
  • 3 credits of General Microbiology or Microbiology
  • 12 credits of chemistry (to include inorganic and organic)
  • 3 credits of statistics
Physician Assistant
  • 11 credits of biology including 3 credits of microbiology
  • 8 credits of chemistry
  • 3-4 credits of organic biochemistry
  • 3 credits of genetics
  • 3-4 credits biochemistry
  • 3 credits of statistics
  • 8 credits of anatomy and physiology (upper division preferred)
Athletic Training/Physical Therapy
  • Calculus (AT)
  • 8 credits of biology (including physiology for AT only)
  • 4 credits of chemistry
  • 4 credits of physics
  • 3 credits of 300 level physiology (PT only)
  • Statistics 
Respiratory Care
  • 11 credits of biology including 3 credits of microbiology
  • 8 credits of chemistry
  • 4 credits of physics
  • 3 credits of statistics
Occupational Therapy
  •  8 credits of biology, 4 credits of anatomy, 4 credits of chemistry, 4 credits of physics, and 3 credits of statistics OR 4 credits of biology, 8 credits of anatomy & physiology,4 credits of chemistry, 4 credits of physics and 3 credits of statistics

NOTE: Science courses must be those designated for science majors (this does not include math).

We also require:

  • Three references from the sources indicated in the application (PA only—3 references from CASPA)
  • Documentation of health care experience for AT, OT and entry-level PT must include beginning and ending dates, record of hours, and description of duties. (PA documentation provided in CASPA application.)
  • Documentation of NYS OTA license and proof of one year post graduation work experience in occupational therapy for HAABS-OTA to OT students.
  • Current certification of First Aid (OT and PT programs), CPR (AT, OT and PT programs) and BLS (PA and RC** programs). Note: PA prefers ACLS if you have a critical care background.
  • GRE (entry-level PT and HCPM only)

**RC requires American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers.

Missing Documentation

Applicants from the following programs must send missing documentation as quickly as possible to their program administrator.*

AHI Applicants C. McCoy, AHI Program, 239 Montauk Hwy, Fine Arts Building, Southampton, NY 11968-6700
AT Applicants P. Volz, AT Program, Sports Complex, G-33, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3504
PA Applicants A. Perrino, PA Program, HSC, SHTM, L2-428, Stony Brook, NY 11794-8202
PT Applicants A. DeChiaro-Pfisterer, PT Program, HSC, SHTM L2-420, Stony Brook, NY 11794-8201
OT Applicants Occupational Therapy Program, HSC, SHTM L2-440, Stony Brook, NY 11794-8206
RC Applicants P. Bley, RC Program, HSC, SHTM L2, Stony Brook, NY 11794-8203

*For programs not listed above applicants must send missing documentation to:

Office of Student Services
Health Sciences Tower, Level 2, Room 271
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8276

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