Health Sciences Admissions

Our office provides varying levels of support to the admissions cycles for programs in the Health Sciences.  While each Health Sciences school is responsible for determining its own admissions policy and selecting its own students, our office is another resource providing support for applicants.  

For questions regarding specific program requirements, transfer credit equivalencies, or questions similar in nature, please contact the program directly.  

Each Health Sciences program has a unique application process.  There are different admissions requirements, which may include specific courses, minimum g.p.a., and related health care experience.  Application deadlines and start dates (Summer, Fall, Spring) also differ so before you apply, you should visit the Schools for details. You can also attend the information sessions that are held throughout the year.

Admissions decisions in all programs are made independently of an applicant's ability to finance his/her own education.

You can apply on-line to undergraduate and graduate programs in the Schools of Nursing, Social Welfare, Health Technology and Management, the Graduate Program in Public Health and the Graduate Program in Nutrition/Family Medicine.

Please contact the School of Dental Medicine and the School of Medicine for information.

Health Sciences Schools and Program 
School of Dental Medicine
School of Health Technology and Management
School of Medicine 
School of Nursing
Family Medicine - Nutrition
Program in Public Health/MPH 
School of Social Welfare

Interested but not ready to apply to Health Sciences?

If you are interested in an undergraduate Health Sciences program but you are not ready to apply, visit Stony Brook Undergraduate Admissions. Stony Brook University's curriculum provides excellent academic preparation for degree programs leading to careers in the health professions. Opportunities for on-campus clinical experiences are available at Stony Brook University Hospital, Long Island State Veterans Home, and the University Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

If you are already a Stony Brook student, you can get valuable advice and information from the Prehealth Advisors in the Academic and Transfer Advising Services office.

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