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How to apply?


Interested but not ready to apply to Health Sciences?
  If you are interested in an undergraduate Health Sciences program but you are not ready to apply, visit Stony Brook  Undergraduate Admissions. Stony Brook University's curriculum provides excellent academic preparation for degree programs leading to careers in the health professions. Opportunities for on-campus clinical experiences are available at Stony Brook University Hospital, Long Island State Veterans Home, and the University Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

If you are already a Stony Brook student, you can get valuable advice and information from the Prehealth Advisors in the  Academic and Transfer Advising Services office.



Prior to applying, it is important to select the correct application for your program.  Programs listed below utilize external application centers.  If the degree program you are applying to is listed below, please click the corresponding link for further application instructions. 

School of Dental Medicine
Dental Medicine, D.D.S.
School of Health Technology & Management
Occupational Therapy, M.S. 
Physician Assistant - Entry Level, M.S.
Physical Therapy - Entry Level, D.P.T.

EMT- Paramedic, non-credit certificate
School of Medicine
Medicine, M.D.
Program in Public Health
Public Health, M.P.H.
Advanced Graduate Certificate

*The following programs apply through the 
Graduate School at Stony Brook University
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Ph.D.
Social Welfare, Ph.D. S.W

If you are applying to a program listed above, the remaining step does not apply to you.

If your program is not listed above, please select your school/program from the list below and continue to step 4. 



The majority of application questions are answered below in our detailed FAQs.  If a response to your question is found here, we may refer you back to this page.  Scroll down for the section that is of most interest to you!

Before applying

I want to meet with an advisor from the Nursing program
Unfortunately, due to the large number of applicants each year, the School of Nursing does not schedule individual appointments.  We recommend attending an information session, which is offered by the School of Nursing on a monthly basis.  No registration is required.  Students are encouraged to bring unofficial transcripts for review.  
I am having trouble logging into my application
Please use the Forgot PIN or password option on the log in page to change your password altogether. 
How do I find out if my courses are transferable to the School of Nursing?
Please email  our office with a course description including the name of the institution and number of credits.  We will forward the information to the School of Nursing for a response.  
How do I apply to multiple programs? Do I need to complete separate applications/provide additional documents for multiple programs?
Please submit a new application by creating a new account with new PIN and password.  Should you receive a "Duplicate Account Warning," please click on "continue & create new account."  All new supporting documents will be needed.  
I applied last year and was not accepted. Can I apply again this year? Do I need to resubmit letters of recommendation and transcripts?
A new application is needed.  Please create a new account, PIN and password.  Should you receive a "Duplicate Account Warning," please click on "continue & create new account." All new supporting documents, including transcripts, recommendations and application fee will be needed. 
I am unable to select the term and I cannot proceed with the application.
If you cannot select the term, the deadline for the program has already passed.  
Did you receive my transcript? (prior to submitting application).
We are unable to check the status of supporting documents prior to applications being submitted.  
How can I apply for an application fee waiver?
Fee waivers are very rare.  Qualifications and requirements are located within the application; please read them carefully.  

 Supporting documents - resume & personal statement

I submitted my application with the wrong version of my personal statement.
If your application has already been submitted, you cannot alter your essay.  However, you may email your new essay to  our office.  We will add it to your hard copy file noting the more recent version 
The resume I submitted with my application is no longer up to date. How can I submit a revised copy?
If your application has already been submitted, you cannot alter your resume.  However, you may email your new resume to  our office.  We will add it to your hard copy file noting the more recent version 


My transcripts files are too large, I'm not sure what to do.
Please visit our Trouble Uploading Transcripts page for troubleshooting information.  
I attended <blank> and then graduated from Stony Brook University. Do I still need to submit transcripts from <blank> even though it should be under my records?
Undergraduate Admissions no longer has record of the transcript.  Please send a copy to the Office of Student Services, or upload it into your application.  
SOLAR lists a missing transcript from a college I never attended / received credit from while attending high school.
Transcripts are required from all institutions attended, including institutions that granted college credit while attending high school, regardless if they appear as transfer credit on another transcript.  If you truly did not attend the institution, please contact  our office .  
SOLAR lists a missing transcript from a college I attended but the courses are not relevant to my intended major.
Transcripts are required from all institutions attended, even if you consider those credits no longer relevant to your intended major.    
I cannot find my school codes.
We recommend entering only part of the school name in the look up.  For example, if the school's name is Stony Brook University, enter only "stony%" in the school name field and click search (leaving country and state blank).  

The school code is not a mandatory field for submitting your application.  If you are still having trouble finding your school, it is acceptable to write the full name in the "name of institution" field on the educational history page.  

Where do I send my official transcripts?
Office of Student Services Stony Brook University
Level 2, Room 271, HST
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8276

**Please note, the School of Nursing requires all supporting documentation to be uploaded to the online application.  Official transcripts are due upon admission.  

Have you received my transcript?
If your application has been submitted:
Please check  SOLAR for this information.  

If you have checked SOLAR and the transcript is still not listed as received:
If they were sent less than two weeks ago, they may still be in transit.  Contact our office if your transcripts may be under an alternative name or sent to an incorrect address within Stony Brook University.  (Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee retrieval of transcripts sent to the wrong address on campus).  

If application has not been submitted: 
You must submit your application in order to check for document receipt.  Upon submission of your application, instructions will be emailed to you regarding how to check for receipt of your documents using our online system ( SOLAR).  Please allow one week for creation of your application file and update of your SOLAR document summary.  Applicants are not penalized for any document processing delay.

If application submitted under two weeks ago: 
Please allow 7-10 days for full update of SOLAR.  We appreciate your patience. 


I sent my transcript to a different office at Stony Brook University / Albany processing address.
Please contact  our office immediately.  We  may be able to retrieve the transcript.  
I already submitted my application but just received my grade(s) for the previous term. How can I upload the latest transcript to my application?
Please attach unofficial copies in an email to  our office to be added to your hard copy file.  

 Letters of Recommendation

Should I wait until my recommenders complete the form in order to submit?
You do not have to wait for submission of recommendations in order to submit your application.  You may also add recommenders to your application at any point, regardless of submission. 
Please change my recommender/recommender’s email address(es).
Changes to the Recommendation Provider List must be done through the application using your PIN and password.  You have the ability to edit the Recommendations section at any time, regardless of submission.  The system allows you to "add" or "delete" recommenders, change email addresses or "re-send" the information.  You may also want to remind your recommenders not to delete or spam any emails from Stony Brook.
Please resend the information to my recommender.
Recommenders can only be notified of your request through your application.  You have the ability to re-send information to your recommenders at any time, regardless of submission of your application. Please use your PIN and password to enter your application and click on "Recommendations and " "recommendation provider list" to re-send the information.
How do I check the status of recommendations prior to submitting my application?
You may check the status of your recommendations at any time using the first page of your application.  All recommendations noted as “Submitted” will be added to your application upon submission.
I need to modify a recommender.
You may go back into your application's Recommendation section and add or delete any recommenders you like, regardless of submission.  
My recommender says he/she did not receive a request to submit a letter.
We recommend having them check their spam folder and confirming you have entered the correct email address.  If you wish to re-send the request, or enter a different email address, you may go back into your application's Recommendation section and do so.  To re-send the request, click on the "re-send" link next to the specific recommenders name.  
The recommendations I have received are already written and are on paper. Can the sealed envelope be mailed to the school, instead of having an email sent to the recommenders for them to rewrite it again?
The Health Sciences Schools do not accept paper recommendations.  

You may have the recommender send in a hard copy but will still be responsible for finding another online recommender, (or your application will be incomplete).  We do not provide delivery confirmation of hard copy recommendations, so we suggest that the recommender provide you with the recommendation in a sealed envelope.  Please use delivery confirmation or tracking number when mailing it to the Office of Student Services.  

 after submission

SOLAR lists an incorrect date that I submitted my application
The date for your application only reflects when it was processed; the Admissions Committee does not examine SOLAR and will have your actual submission dates and all recommendations submitted for your application
I cannot get into SOLAR
The problem is most likely your password.  Please click on either the “To Report Problems” or “SOLAR Password Help” option on the SOLAR main page to have your password changed.
I submitted <blank> and it still does not appear on SOLAR.

Please allow up to two weeks for full update of SOLAR.  We appreciate your patience.   

How will I be notified of my admissions decision?

You will receive notification by email.  Please add our email address to your contact list in order to avoid messages getting caught in spam.    

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