Associate Director
Cynthia Smith

Technical/Data Support
Rich MacDonald, Systems Analyst

Sherry Canale, Office Assistant

Admissions and Recruitment
Paul Ray, Assistant Director, Area Supervisor
Nancy Glover, Student Services Counselor
Allison Smagin, Staff Assistant
Kim Renee Nelson, Admissions Assistant
Rich MacDonald, On-line Systems Supervisor

Records and Registration
Cynthia Smith, Associate Director, Area Supervisor
Corey Fortcher, Assistant Registrar
Maureen Bavaro, Student Records Assistant

Financial Aid
Barbara Hazard, Assistant Director, Area Supervisor
Erica Follick, Financial Aid Advisor
Denise Pianforte, Financial Aid Assistant

Student Government
Cynthia Smith, Advisor Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Association/HSA

Phone:(631) 444-2111        Fax:(631) 444-6035

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