The Health Sciences Office of Student Services at Stony Brook University is the administrative unit responsible for student services in the Health Sciences. Areas of responsibility include admissions, recruitment, student records, student registration, financial aid and general student services including student government and activities. The level of services the office provides varies by the different academic programs within the Health Sciences Schools, which have an enrollment of over 3,800 students.

The Health Sciences consists of five professional schools: Dental Medicine, Health Technology and Management, Medicine, Nursing and Social Welfare.


University Billing and Payment Policy 


Deadline dates for applying for Spring or Summer graduation via SOLAR:

2016  Spring Summer
  May/June July/August
Undergraduate 02/09/2016 02/09/2016
Graduate 03/01/2016 08/20/2016
Dental 03/01/2016  
Medicine 03/01/2016  
Non-credit career 03/01/2016 08/20/2016

Please notestudents must be enrolled in Spring semester at SBU to apply for spring/summer graduation via SOLAR.


Upcoming Admission Deadline Dates:

  Program Start Date
Program Summer Fall
Nursing Education, M.S. - DL 02/18/2016  
Nursing Leadership, M.S. - DL 02/18/2016  
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S. (onsite) 03/01/2016  
Athletic Training, B.S. 03/15/2016  
Respiratory Care, B.S. 03/01/2016  
Applied Health Informatics, M.S. 03/01/2016  
Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, M.S. 03/01/2016  
Nutrition, M.S. 04/01/2016  
Social Work, B.S.   03/01/2016
Social Work, M.S.W.   03/01/2016

For additional program deadline dates, click here

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