New Student information (including the address to send official transcripts and health forms).  


Regardless of any scheduled disbursement date, your aid will only be disbursed when you are enrolled and attending for at least six credits.

Summer Aid information

Recently admitted? Information that has also been previously email to you regarding financial aid can be found at the links below:  
NEW Health Sciences Students
One Year Accelerated Nursing Students


Important Information for Students that have Applied for Graduation:

Recent FAQs 

Q) I recently changed my primary (legal) name but my diploma name still shows my old name.  How can I change this? You must submit a request to change your primary (legal) name to our office immediately

Q) I want my middle name on my diploma? How can I add it? Contact your program or our office.

Q). The diploma address listed in SOLAR is incorrect and I am worried I will not receive my diploma.  You must submit a Change of Graduation Date/Diploma Address form for East Campus Students to our office immediately.  


Dates & Deadlines

• Monday, July 4th - Independence Day , Classes not in session. 

• Monday, September 5th - Labor Day, classes not in session.

Tuesday, September 6th - Classes not in session except for students in the Schools of Dental Medicine and Medicine.
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