Adrian Cinema









Cinema and Inter-American Relations: Tracking Transnational Affect (Routledge, 2012)
Adrián Pérez Melgosa




   Armas antárticas                                 Épica y colonia                                      De bufones y pícaros
   Juan de Miramontes Zuázola                Ensayos sobre el género épico                La risa en la novela picaresca
   Estudio, edición crítica y notas               en Iberoamérica (siglos XVI y XVII)         Victoriano Roncero López
   de Paul Firbas                                     Paul Firbas (editor).


 The Spanish Gypsy                              Una Documentación acustica                    Linguistic Theory and Language
 The History of an                                de la lengua Shipibo-Conibo                     Development in Hispanic
 European Obssesion                           (Pano)                                                    Languages
 Lou Charnon-Deutsch                          José Elias-Ulloa                                       Silvina Montrul and Francisco Ordoñez


  Hold that Pose                                        Post-Franco, Postmodern                   El humanismo de Quevedo: 
  Visual Culture in the Late                         The films of Pedro Almodóvar             Filología e historia
  Nineteenth Century                                  Edited by Kathleen Vernon and           Victoriano Roncero López
  Spanish Periodical                                    Bárbara Morris
  Lou Charnon-Deutsch 


 The Return of the Moor                           Spain is (Still) Different                          Educating the Educators
 Spanish Responses to Contemporary        Tourism and Discourse in Spanish           Hispanism and Its Insttutions
 Moroccan Inmigration                              Identity                                               Malcolm Read
 Daniela Flesler                                       

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November 14, 2014, 9 am to 5.30 pm.
Stony Brook-Manhattan campus
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Susan Martin-Márquez (Rutgers Univ.)
Topics:Transatlantic and Transpacific, (post)nationalism, (post)colonialism, exile, diaspora, immigration, memory, gender and sexuality. 
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