Joseph M. Pierce


Assistant Professor
Office: Melville Library

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Joseph M. Pierce specializes in nineteenth and turn-of-the-century Latin American literature, with interests in queer theory and kinship studies. His dissertation, “Writing and Kinship in the Argentine fin de siglo, 1890-1910: La familia Bunge,” takes a politically engaged, socially influential family of writers as the framework for analyzing a crucial period in Argentine history, underscoring the role of relational subjectivities in forming notions of gender, sexuality, citizenship, and mutual intelligibility.

Since 2009 he has also served as Communications Director and Instructor at La Poderosa Media Project, a nonprofit community-based study abroad program. An article he coauthored, “Programas comunitarios de educación audiovisual como alternativa al servicio-aprendizaje en el extranjero,” was published in the journal Hispania in 2013.

Taught courses

  • SPN 435 Cosmic Blood: Scientific Discourses in Spanish American Prose
  • SPN 311 Spanish Conversation & Composition.

Recent publications

“Our Queer Breath.” QED 3.3 (October 2016): 132-134.

“Travestis, negras, boricuas, maricas.” QED: 3.3 (October 2016): 135-137.

“Feeling, Disrupting.” Biography 39:3 (Summer 2016): 434-437.

“‘Usted no es hombre para esas cosas’: Masculinidad y renegación en la obra de Carlos O. Bunge.” Taller de letras 58 (September 2016): 127-139. [download]

“Regulating Queer Desire in Carlos O. Bunge’s La novela de la sangre.” Revista Hispánica Moderna 69.1 (June 2016): 55-71. [download]

“He ahí un hombre: Composite Masculinity in Retratos y Recuerdos by Lucio V. Mansilla.” Prisma Social 13 (December 2014-May 2015). 149-172. [download]

García, Jorge, Joseph M. Pierce and Alejandra Zambrano. “Programas comunitarios de educación audiovisual como alternativa al servicio-aprendizaje en el extranjero.” Hispania 96.2 (June 2013): 342-354. [download]

Journal Dossier:

With Fernando Blanco, “Amor, sexualidad y género: Políticas del Cono Sur.” Dossier Especial. Conversaciones del Cono Sur 2.1 (2016). [link]

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Foucault, Les anormaux. (11.30-12.45).
Martes 4 de abril, 2017

contact: Prof. Aurélie Vialette

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El acompañante, April 10
La pared de las palabras, April 11
Conducta, April 18
Esteban, April 20

Jesús Hernández (April 11)

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Café Latino Film Series

"Urban Experiences·
Every first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.
Center for Scholarly Communications
(Melville Library, second floor)
Juan de los muertos (April 4, 2017)
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CAFÉ LATINO spring 2017

All Wed 1 to 2 pm (starting Feb 8)
in our Department (Melville Library N3021)

Spanish Conversation and free café

Open to all students, all levels of Spanish
Se les invita un rico cafecito y a conversar sobre la vida.


Image from Colonial Mexico.
Nexahualpili, Lord of Texcoco (1472-1515)
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