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Adrián Pérez-Melgosa is Associate Professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature at SUNY Stony Brook, with a specialization in Contemporary Hispanic Cultural Studies. He received a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Rochester. His work explores the intervention of visual and written fiction narratives on the shaping of collective identities in the Americas and Europe. His current research studies 20th century popular narratives of the Americas in search for patterns of representation of cross-cultural relationships in the continent.

His recent book Cinema and Inter-American Relations: Tracking Transnational Affect (Routledge, 2012) studies the key role that commercial narrative films have played in the articulation of the political and cultural relationship between the United States and Latin America since the onset of the Good Neighbor policy (1933). Pérez Melgosa analyzes the evolution of inter-American narratives in films from across the continent, highlights the social effects of the technologies used to produce these works, and explores the connections of cinema to successive shifts in hemispheric policy. As a result, Cinema and Inter-American Relations reveals the existence of a continued cinematic conversation between Anglo and Latin America about a cluster of shared allegories representing the continent and its cultures. Pérez Melgosa contends that cinema has become a virtual contact zone of the Americas, mediating in a variety of hemispheric political debates about the articulation of Anglo, Latin American, and Latino identities. Cinema and Inter-American Relations brings sustained attention to ongoing calls for a transnational focus on the disciplines of film studies, American studies, and Latin American studies and engages with current theories of the transmission of affect to delineate a new cartography of how to understand the Americas in relation to cinema.

Pérez Melgosa has also published essays in the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Scribner's American Writers Series, Letras FemeninasMonteagudo Revista de Literatura Comparada, Social Text, American Quarterly, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, and Latin American Literary Review. The volume Revisiting Jewish Spain, which he co-edited with Tabea Linhard and Daniela Flesler appeared as a special issue of the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies (Summer 2011).

He has recently co-edited with Tabea Linhard and Daniela Flesler, Revisiting Jewish Spain in the Modern Era. (Routledge, 2013. 168 pages).


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Spring 2016

Prof. Rafael Rojas (CIDE, México)
"Traduciendo la Utopía.
La revolución cubana en Nueva York"
Thursday April 28, 12.00 pm
Melville Library N3060

Prof. Mariano Siskind (Harvard Univ)
"Latin American Lit and World War I: Notes towards a Redefinition of global Modernism"
Wed Aprill 20, 4 to 6 pm in HUM 1006

Tertulia Literaria
Wed April 20th
1.00-2.20 pm
Dept Community Room (next to Melville N3060)

Prof. Auréie Viallete (Stony Brook University)
Disposable Bodies: The Problem of Disposable Colonization
April 14, 1 pm, SAC Ball Room B

Conversation with Argentine film
director Julian Troksberg
April 14, 7 pm, HUM 1006
Hispanic Languages Film Festival

Prof. Gabriela Basterra (NYU)
"Reason enjoined"
Tuesday, April 5, 4.30pm
Melville N3060

Under the Thumb
April 4, 5, 13, 14 at 7 pm
Humanities 1006
Free and open to the public

Conversation with Prof. Ruben Ríos Ávila (NYU)

"Para volver a ver. Eduardo Lalo y la fotografia de lo singular"

Tuesday, March 29, at 2.30 pm in Melville Library N3060



"Geografías y retóricas de la guerra en América Latina"

Mary Louis Pratt (NYU)
Fernando Degiovanni (CUNY Graduate Center)
Felipe Martínez Pinzón (Brown University)

Stony Brook Manhattan
Wed March 9th, 6 pm to 8:30 pm


Talk by Spanish writer

José Manuel Fajardo
"América, un viaje literario de ida y vuelta."
Monday March 21, 2:30-4.00, Melville Library N3060

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Image from Colonial Mexico



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