The Center for Hellenic Studies serves as a nucleus of activities concerned with Hellenic language, history and culture, political life, social issues, economy. With the study of Greece and Hellenism the Center aspires to educate and nurture students with the values of Hellenic civilization. It also aims to form strong bonds between the University and the Greek-American communities of Long Island and New York, and establish connections and interactions with educational and academic institutions in Greece.


'Greek and Cypriot Student Association Celebrate the Greek Independence Day (March 25th 1821)'

 Independence Day Celebration

March 23 2017, 8-11 pm
SAC Ballroom A, Stony Brook University

'The Allure of Panic after Nietzsche'

By Vassilis Lambropoulos

C.P. Cavafy Professor of Modern Greek, Departments of Classical Studies and Comparative Literature

University of Michigan

Thursday April 27 2017, 2.30-4 pm
Poetry Center (2nd floor), Humanities Building, Stony Brook University







The Center for Hellenic Studies depends on generous contribution from the community to carry out its many programs and initiatives. To make a donation to the Center, please click here. Choose your donation designation from the drop down menu, and complete the rest of the requested information. Thank you very much.

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