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Ready, Set, Move!
Wellness Walking Challenge

April 24 - July 2

shoes As the weather changes and the days become warmer and longer, many people get the itch to go outside and experience all that nature has to offer. Say goodbye to winter, make strides and spring forward your activity level with the annual Healthier U "Ready, Set, Move!" Wellness Walking Challenge !


"Ready, Set, Move!" Wellness Walking Challenge , which will take place during a 10-week period, is a hybrid program of our popular "Walk on Wednesdays" and "Walk to Win" programs with increased opportunities for encouragement, excitement and engagement.


This is a running program, so please register ASAP. During registration you will be asked to choose a challenge track. Options include:

  • Participation (individual) - This track is closely related to our prior "Walk on Wednesdays" program in that it rewards regular instances of walking versus competition. New for 2017, program is not limited to walking solely; the goal is to accumulate a minimum of 30 minutes of any cardiovascular exercise (e.g. walking, running, jogging, cycling, elliptical, etc.) per day at least four times per week. More details include:
    • Each week will start on Monday and end on Sunday.
    • Instances of cardiovascular exercise can be completed whenever and wherever is most convenient.
    • The 30 minutes can be cumulative over the course of an entire day (e.g. 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes after lunch then 10 minutes in the evening).
    • You will report your previous week's success each subsequent Monday or Tuesday.
    • Healthier U prizes will be awarded to all participants as follows:
      • 0-5 successful weeks: No reward
      • 6-7 successful weeks: Tier 3 ($) reward
      • 8-9 successful weeks: Tier 2 ($$) reward
      • 10 successful weeks: Tier 1 ($$$) reward
  • Competition (team) - This track is closely related to our prior "Walk to Win" program in that it rewards teams that have the highest average number of miles walked per team member during the course of the entire 10 weeks. More details include:
    • Each week will start on Monday and end on Sunday.
    • Participants will create their own teams and may have between two and eight members.
      • If you do not have a team but would like to participate in the competition track, please indicate during registration and we will assign you a team.
    • A minimum of two team members is required per walking instance to receive credit.
    • Teams can report at their convenience.
      • One team member should report each instance and detail date, time, team members who walked and distance.
    • The top five teams with the highest average number of miles per team member will receive prizes.
  • Both - Double your chances of winning Healthier U prizes by participating in both tracks!

Once registered, you will receive a welcome email containing more program details.


During registration, you will be asked to detail your work location. The location that has the highest percentage of “ Ready, Set, Move! participants relative to their eligible population throughout the entire 10 weeks will receive a celebratory breakfast or lunch!


Every Wednesday participants will receive an email including a progress report, link to program standings, tips to get you moving and a quiz or challenge to win some Healthier U prizes. These mid-week incentives will help reinforce your commitment and maintain excitement throughout the program.



  • Participation (Individual) Track
    • Weekly success communicated via mid-week update email
  • Competition (Team) Track
    • FInal program results detailed below:
1 (1) Secret Cervix 302.66
2 (2) CPMP Walkers 247.23
3 (3) Pink Zebras 225.44
4 (4) The Street Walkers 109.59
5 (5) Mercury Milers 104.80
6 (6) Springers 84.01
7 (7) MARCY 79.44
8 (8) Loopdy Loo's 64.73
9 (9) Research Roadrunners 60.98
10 (12) Suffolk Hall Shufflers 55.56
11 (10) Applied Mathleets 52.59
12 (11) Schuyler Sisters 52.13
13 (13) Rolling Walkers 49.19
14 (18) Walking On Sunshine 37.21
15 (14) Purchasing Power 35.38
16 (15) The Double L's 34.87
17 (16) Bio Trekkers 34.70
18 (17) Drop It Like It's Hot 34.65
19 (20) Walking Bones 32.54
20 (19) Lazy Ladies 32.17
21 (21) Campus Residences 30.32
22 (22) Wing Walkers 22.66
23 (23) Gait Keepers 18.50
24 (24) Crash Test Dummies 14.66
25 (25) Stride 13.89
26 (26) JK Tri's 13.00
27 (29) Danger Zone 11.50
28 (27) Ready 2 Lose 10.88
29 (28) The Locomotions 7.10
30 (30) Slow & Steady 4.80
31 (31) IEC Fit Walkers 4.44
T32 (T32) In It To Win It 2.50
T32 (T32) Tech Park Treckers 2.50


For any questions and/or comments related to the "Ready, Set, Move!" Wellness Walking Challenge , please contact Healthier U.


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