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Employment and Job Opportunities: 

testThe local and national job markets for Geospatial professionals are very strong and are expected to grow substantially in the foreseeable future. Geospatial professionals work in a variety of settings, including the private sector (for example, logistics and market analysis), public sector at the local, state, and national levels, in academics and research, and in GIS software firms.

Employers are seeking individuals with the skills and knowledge required to solve the increasingly complex problems faced by today’s businesses and government agencies.

For more information on careers in Geospatial Science and links to job listings, see Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) careers page Careers in GIS.

Below are links to websites that advertise careers in Geospatial Sciences for applications specialists, developers, and managers. Some of the websites you can customize your search, and many allow searches for both GIS and remote sensing jobs.


Simply Hired- New York State GIS jobs (searchable for other states)

The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

GIS Job Source

Remote Sensing

Indeed – Searchable jobs in remote sensing

My GIS Jobs

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