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remote2Advanced Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science (GSS)
The Advanced Graduate GSS Certificate will allow graduate students and working professionals to advance their GIS and / or remote sensing knowledge and employment opportunities with an industry-recognized certificate. The program requires students to earn 18 credits in addition to holding a BA, BS, or graduate degree. The program courses will be offered with flexible scheduling that is intended to allow full time students to complete the certificate requirements in one year.

Prerequisites: All applicants are required to hold a BA, BS degree, or graduate degree. Some basic knowledge of operating personal computers is necessary to complete the course work.

Required Courses
or equivalent (9 credits):

GSS 513        GIS Fundamentals I, 3cr or GEO 513 or MAR 587

GSS 525        GIS Fundamentals II, 3cr or GEO 525

GSS 526        GIS Project Management, 3cr

Elective Courses (9 credits):

ANT 526        Environmental Analysis Using Remote Sensing and GIS, 3cr

EST 576        Geographic Information Systems in Education and Research, 3cr

GSS 509        Digital Cartography, 3 cr

GSS 523        Geodatabase and Design, 3cr or GEO 523

GSS 550        Applied Spatial Analysis, 3 cr

GSS 554        Geospatial Science for the Coastal Zone, 3cr

GSS 575        Geospatial Science Teaching Practicum, 3cr

GSS 587        Geospatial Research, 1-3cr *(see note below)

GSS 588        GIS Internship, 1-3cr *(see note below)

HPH 534         Spatial Analysis: Health Applications, 3cr 

Only one of the following will count toward the Certificate:

GEO 547       Geological Applications of Remote Sensing

GSS 555       GIS and Remote Sensing, 3cr

MAR 558       Remote Sensing, 3cr

* Note: A maximum of three (3) credits of GSS 587 Geospatial Research and GSS 588 GIS Internship may be applied to the Graduate Certificate.'

No more than 6 credits used to satisfy another graduate degree can be applied to the Certificate.

For more information or questions on the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science contact the program’s Faculty Director.

To enroll in the Geospatial Certificate Program either as an existing Stony Brook Graduate student, or new student please click  How to Apply  for application instructions. 
Please note: The Graduate Certificate Program is located under the drop down menu for Masters programs on the Graduate School webpage.

Federal Department of Education Program Integrity Rules require institutions to disclose Gainful Employment (GE) information to prospective students about certificate programs that are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.
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Geospatial Center     Phone: (631) 632-1687

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