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Graduate Applications

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies in the Geosciences Department at Stony Brook University. For applications to the Phd in Geosciences, MS in Hydrogeology, and MS in Earth and Space Science, please go to the Graduate School website.

For the M.A.T. Earth Sciences program, or if you wish to take any course as a non-matriculated student, you must apply to the School of Professional Development.

Admission to the Geosciences Programs at Stony Brook University

For admission to the Graduate Program in Geosciences, the following, in addition to the Graduate School requirements, are required:

A. A bachelor's degree in one of the earth or space sciences or in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or engineering. 
B. A minimum average of B for all undergraduate coursework and a B average for courses in the sciences.
C. Results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test. 
D. Acceptance by both the Department and the Graduate School
In special cases, a student not meeting requirements A and B may be admitted on a provisional basis. Upon admission, the student will be informed of the requirements that must be satisfied for termination of provisional status. 
For more information on applications, please contact:
Yvonne Barbour, Graduate Program Coordinator, Geosciences Department 
Email: Yvonne.Barbour "at" 
Phone: 1-631-632-8554 

Further information on the Geosciences programs, please contact:

Professor Timothy Glotch, Graduate Director
Email: Timothy.Glotch "at" 
Phone: 1-631-632-1168 

Further information on the Masters in Teaching (M.A.T.) Earth and Space Science, or the MS in Earth and Space Science, please contact:

Professor Gil Hanson
Email: Gilbert.Hanson "at"
Phone: 1-631-632-8210
Department of Geosciences - Earth and Space Science Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-2100  Phone: (631) 632-8200
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