Write Effectively in English (WRT)

Writing is the most effective way we have to find out what we think. It also requires us to think about others as we try to determine the best way to convey our ideas effectively. Through revision of our writing we learn to weigh hundreds of considerations to decide on which matter most in enabling us to communicate most effectively. Our global environment is more information-rich than ever before, but so is the possibility that we can be misled by misinformation. For that reason, and because acquiring information in any discipline only has community value when it can be communicated, we believe Stony Brook students should become proficient in written communication.

Because many of the other courses depend on the mastery of writing, we highly recommend that students complete their writing effectively in English requirement in their first year at Stony Brook.

Learning Outcomes for “Write Effectively in English”
1. Research a topic, develop an argument and organize supporting details.
2. Produce coherent texts within common college-level written forms.
3. Demonstrate the ability to revise and improve such texts.

Standards for “Write Effectively in English”
1. Certified writing courses must deliver instruction and evaluate student performance for all of the learning outcomes listed above.
2. ESL courses will not be considered for certification as writing effectively in English.
3. Typically, courses that meet advanced learning outcomes in Write Effectively in English may be certified as WRTD, not as HFA+. See the section on "Prepare for Life-Long Learning" in this chapter.

As of December 2013, the courses below have been certified as meeting the learning objectives and standards for the WRT category.

  • WRT 102 Intermediate Writing Workshop A








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