Understand Technology (TECH)

Arthur C. Clarke wrote that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Educated people must seek to understand how this "magic" works. The advent of nuclear energy, for example, offered a clean alternative to old methodologies, but with shortcomings that have become apparent. The internet offered instant access to mountains of information, but without distinguishing the incendiary and inaccurate. We buy increasingly complex cars, houses, and electronic devices in the 21st century, and we are naively asking others to exploit us if we don’t learn as much about technology and the built environment we live in as we can. Even a single course in one technology can teach us how to go about understanding others and give us the confidence to do so.

Learning Outcomes for "Understand Technology"
1. Demonstrate an ability to apply technical tools and knowledge to practical systems and problem solving.
2. Design, understand, build, or analyze selected aspects of the human-made world. The “human-made world” is defined for this purpose as “artifacts of our surroundings that are conceived, designed, and/or constructed using technological tools and methods.”

Standards for "Understand Technology"
1. Courses must satisfy both learning objectives.

As of December 2013, the courses below have been certified as meeting the learning objectives and standards for the TECH category.

  • AMS 103 Applied Mathematics in Modern Technology (also certified as QPS)
  • BME 100 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
  • BME 200 Bioengineering in Extreme Environments
  • BME 205 Clinical Challenges of the 21st Century
  • CHE 304 Chemical Instrumentation Laboratory (also certified as WRTD)
  • CHE 384 Intermediate Synthetic and Spectroscopic Laboratory Techniques (also certified as WRTD)
  • CIV 100 Infrastructure
  • CSE 101 Introduction to Computers
  • CSE 102 Introduction to Web Design and Programming
  • CSE 110 Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSE 114 Computer Science I
  • CSE 160 Computer Science A: Honors
  • EEO 218 Digital Logic Design
  • ESE 121 Introduction to Audio Systems
  • ESE 123 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ESE 218 Digital Systems Design
  • ESM 150 Materials of the Modern World
  • EST 100 Designing, Producing & Presenting Multimedia Projects
  • EST 204 Modern Digital Tech Infrastructure
  • EST 205 Introduction to Technological Design
  • EST 441 Interdisciplinary Senior Project
  • GSS 313 GIS Design and Application I
  • HNI 377 Principles and Applications of Nursing Interventions I
  • HNI 463 Maternal and Newborn Health
  • HNI 464 Child and Adolescent Health
  • ISE 102 Introduction to Web Design and Programming
  • ISE 108 Introduction to Programming
  • ISE 305 Database Design and Practice
  • MEC 104 Practical Science of Things (also certified as SNW)
  • MEC 316 Mechanical Engineering Lab I: Sensors and Instrumentation
  • MEC 317 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II
  • SBC 117 Design Drawing








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