Stony Brook curriculum includes both breadth and depth of study (provided by both the General Education Requirements and the major), and ensures that students will learn skills necessary for lifelong learning.

Through the general education curriculum, students will:

DEMONSTRATE VERSATILITY by showing proficiency in each of ten fundamental areas of learning:

EXPLORE INTERCONNECTEDNESS by completing a course that examines significant relationships between Science or Technology and the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences (STAS).

PURSUE DEEPER UNDERSTANDING by completing advanced studies in three of four distinct areas of knowledge. A "+" sign in the abbreviations for these categories signifies that most courses in these categories will be relatively advanced courses at the 200- to 400-level. These areas are:

PREPARE FOR LIFE-LONG LEARNING by taking (in most cases) individual courses which may also satisfy other Gen Ed or major requirements.

Students may reduce the number of credits they need to complete these requirements through courses certified in more than one area, AP courses, challenge exams, on-campus placement tests, course waivers, and faculty-designed themed course clusters. However, at a minimum, students must complete at least 30 credits of General Education awarded by an institution of higher education. Each of these requirements must be passed with a grade of C or better, a grade of S, or a grade of P where the underlying grade is C or better.

A detailed list of the courses and activities that fulfill these requirements may be found in the university undergraduate Bulletin. Many of the above requirements may be fulfilled as part of a student's major or minor. Each category marked with a SUNY logo in "Demonstrate Versatility" and "Prepare for Life-Long Learning" also serves to satisfy SUNY General Education Requirements.






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