Opportunities and Advantages for Stony Brook Faculty

The new learning-outcomes model offers faculty the opportunity to think through existing courses to clarify their most important goals. A clearer understanding of what is expected of students in each course and how each course relates to other parts of their General Education experience will result in students who are more committed and engaged. The learning outcomes model also encourages faculty to work with faculty in other fields to develop new courses that are relevant and exciting.

The required inclusion of learning objectives on all syllabi clarifies the teaching expectation of courses from the perspective of the faculty, some of whom might be teaching a long-standing course for the first time

The model facilitates teaching advanced general education courses at the appropriate level by broadly enforcing and clarifying prerequisites.

It increases the attractiveness of minors and flexibility for faculty to design interdisciplinary minors.

Double-certified courses more accurately acknowledge the educational value of interdisciplinary courses and provide added flexibility for faculty to align teaching with research.




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