The General Education Experience

A major provides the depth in a student’s pool of learning. General Education provides its breadth.  Unexplained or misunderstood, General Education seems a burden, another page from the do-it-because it’s-good-for-you handbook. Explained and understood, General Education becomes an opportunity to discover, to enhance, to experience, to grow. Delivered coherently and with enthusiasm, and received the same way, the perception of General Education changes from bafflement to benefit. So, too, do its outcomes. Stony Brook’s new General Education experience embodies new and exciting opportunities with fewer credits, more flexibility, and interesting options. 

Guiding Principles

 General Education Philosophy

Based on our four guiding principles, the General Education Committee concluded that the essence of a college general education should be organized into four structural components.

Advantages and Opportunities Compared to the DEC

Summary of the New Requirements

For more information about the Stony Brook Curriculum learning objectives, see










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