The Gelfond Fund for Mercury Research & Outreach aims to improve the understanding of how mercury cycles in our environment and the health effects of methylmercury from fish consumption. We are focused on providing information to the public and health professionals about how mercury gets into seafood and what the health effects can be from too much mercury. We believe that once informed, people can make appropriate choices for themselves.  What makes the message challenging is that all fish are not equal — some fish have more methylmercury than others as well as varying amounts of nutritious components such as omega-3 fatty acids. We aim to help inform people about the seafood they choose to eat.

In addition to outreach, the Gelfond Fund also seeks to identify areas where there are gaps in the scientific understanding about methylmercury and provide pilot funding to launch research efforts. Lastly we aim to serve as a resource for scientists and others interested in data on mercury in seafood. Read more »



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