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2016 Gala

April 19, 2017
6:30 PM


Joe Biden

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden Jr.
"Cancer touches us all in some way and at some point. Everywhere I go, people share their stories of heartbreak and hope. And every day, I’m reminded that our work to end cancer as we know it is bigger than just a single person. It carries the hopes and dreams of millions of people who are praying that we succeed, praying for hope, praying for time  —  not someday, but now."—Joe Biden
>>Biden's Talk at the Gala

Thank You

Pier Sixty

Thanks to generous and loyal supporters like you, the Gala raised more than $6.9 million for student financial aid and the Stony Brook Cancer Center. 
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Each year we give guests at the Gala a small token of appreciation. This year we did something different and in lieu of a favor, we purchased a therapeutic device that makes life just a little bit easier for our pediatric cancer patients. It arrived the other day, and it’s already been a big hit with our patients, child life therapists and doctors.  
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