Behind the Scenes Improvements

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  • New Durable Signage for CompactorsNew Durable Signage for Compactors

    Campus Dining worked with Campus Operations and Maintenance to develop new signage for the compactor and recycling program. The new durable signage replaces laminate signs that needed to be replaced frequently. The signage is in both English and Spanish to make sure all trained staff can make sure they are following the established procedures and using the equipment properly and safely.

  • Jamba Juice and Sandella's coming Fall 2016Jamba Juice and Sandella's at the GLS/HDV Center

    In response to student feedback, a new dining location is being planned to expand retail options and add variety to west campus. The Center for Global Studies and Human Development will become the home of two new brands, Jamba Juice and Sandella's Flatbread Café. For more information follow the GLS/HDV page under the renovations section on our website.

  • Foot Rests at Roth

    Foot Rests at Roth

    To improve your comfort while dining at Roth, foot rests have been added to tables with stool seating.

  • West Side Dining Hood Exhaust Maintenance ProjectWest Side Dining Hood Exhaust Maintenance Project

    On Friday, October 30, 2015, maintenance of the hood exhaust systems in the West Side Dining kitchen's cooking areas occurred including duct work that extends to fan blowers on the roof, cleaning of all five exhaust units and installation of twenty-four access panels that will make future cleanings easier and more thorough for efficient and safe food service operations.

  • Milk & Sugar Dispenser

    New Milk & Sugar Station at the SAC

    To improve your dining experience at the SAC food court, new milk and cream dispensers have put in place inside the seating areas in the atrium and the Traditions Lounge. This will help alleviate congestion in the coffee serving area.

  • Wolfie's Lounge Sconces

    Wolfie's Lounge

    FSA has added two wall sconces to Wolfie's Lounge for spot lighting. This improvement was based on student requests for more lighting in this space. This added feature is a welcome improvement for students that utilize Wolfie's Lounge to relax, study and socialize.

  • Roth Regatta Cafe

    Roth Regatta Cafe

    A new cold pan drop-in unit was recently installed at Roth Regatta Cafe.

  • CateringCatering

    We added rolling shelves to the catering store room.

  • Student Activites CenterStudent Activities Center

    The rear of the counters was bare wood. We had them coated with a white, washable surface.

    The floor tiles in the main dining room were cracking due to expansion joints. The tiles were replaced.

  • Traditions Lounge

    Traditions Lounges

    The ottomans in the soft seating area of Traditions Lounge Traditions Lounge have all been reupholstered and refreshed.

  • Union Kitchen

    Union Kitchen

    Areas of the Union Kitchen received a fresh new coat of epoxy paint to improve safety where levels change and to make specific areas of the floor easier to keep clean. This will improve the working environment and help Campus Dining maintain sanitary health standards.

  • Union Commons


    Union Commons

    The primary dry food storage area received a fresh coat of paint and a new rolling rack system that will increase capacity and allow for more efficient storage of food product.

    The inside receiving area gets a lot of heavy traffic and needs to be repainted on a regular schedule.

  • Jasmine


    The rear hallway off the kitchen was bare concrete. We had it epoxy coated.

  • West Side Dining Hood Project

    As most customers probably noticed, the exhaust hoods over the grills at Bob's BBQ and International Market are not functioning well. Exhaust of smoke is slow and the hoods' grease filters are not properly draining.

  • Safety Warden Training

    Safety Warden Training

    West Side Dining is the only stand alone dining facility on campus. As such, it has to take on much of the responsibility for on-site facility management and this extends beyond food services. Campus Dining managers recently participated in the University’s Safety Warden training. During emergencies, campus dining managers can now respond in a manner that will safeguard customers and staff until University emergency support services arrive.

  • Trash Compactors

    Trash Compactors at Dining Facilities

    On Tuesday, September 30, Campus Dining held a training on the proper use of trash compactors at dining facilities. The proper operations of these compactors helps keep our facilities clean and pest free and also provides an opportunity to train staff on up to date best practices for the safe operations of these large pieces of machinery.

  • Union Deli A/C

    New Air Conditioners in the Union Deli

    The FSA recently purchased brand new air conditioners for the Union Deli. This new equipment will ensure that the air temperatures throughout the Union Deli will help Campus Dining maintain all the food product at the correct temperatures throughout day. This compliments the recent purchase of new refrigeration equipment in the Union Deli that keeps the grab-n-go and deli products at safe temperatures as well. Together, these new equipment purchases allow our customers to feel confident that the food they are purchasing is being kept ready and safe at all times.

  • Union Deli Glass Unit

    New Sandwich Cases at Union Deli and Union Commons

  • Union Condiments

    New Condiment Stands at Union Commons

    To allow for more storage space so that utensils can easily be restocked for customer convenience, new condiment stands have been installed at the Union Commons.

  • West Side Dining Blinds

    New Blinds in West Side Dining

    When West Side Dining was designed, the morning sun rising over Nobel Halls was not accounted for and was causing a big distraction to staff and customers at breakfast time in Corner Cafe. FSA has installed remote control blinds on the upper windows to resolve this problem.

  • Corner Cafe

    Resurfaced Condiment Stand at West Side Dining's Corner Cafe

    The tray rails at the condiment stand at Corner Cafe were resurfaced and smoothed out to enable customers to safely rest their drink on a flat surface.

  • West Side Dining Salad Bar

    West Side Dining Salad and Soup Bar Size Change

    Those who used the fresh self-serve soup and salad bar at West Side Dining probably noticed that it was impossible to reach salads, dressings and soups towards the back. When the salad bar was originally constructed, the contractor inadvertently made it too wide. Over the summer, FSA implemented a replacement countertop to the salad bar for easier customer access.

  • Traditions Lounge

    Reupholstered Seats at Student Activities Center's Traditions Lounge

    Customers can now enjoy newly reupholstered seats that offer a comfortable place to relax, study, or wait for a food order to be completed.

  • Second Night Out

    Second Night Out Orientation for New Students


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