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Faculty Student Association's (FSA) Student Staffing Resources (SSR) is an office dedicated to recruitment, training, advocacy for student employment and work based and related learning experiences within FSA administered operations. The office is staffed and operated by SBU students with access to and oversight by FSA Human Resources professional staff.

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Due to the large number of students employed in Faculty Student Association’s expanding range of services, there was a burgeoning need to efficiently staff these units. Thus, in 1993, Student Staffing Resources (SSR) was developed as a distinct entity that would provide all the functions of a standard human resources department, but one which is primarily geared to the unique needs of students. In succeeding years, SSR evolved into an office operated by students in collaboration with, and having access to, the staff and resources of FSA Human Resources and other FSA departments. So to accomplish its various objectives, the SSR office has unfettered access to the full array of expertise in the areas of employee relations, labor law, payroll and compensation, information systems, benefits and administrative affairs in dealing with the student employment matters.

  • To provide quality employment as a means of financial support for students and as a vehicle for partaking of experiential learning opportunities. SSR advocates for expanded student development and work preparedness opportunities through employment and ancillary means and provides a greater role for students to become more participatory stakeholders in FSA and the campus community
  • To monitor student employment experiences to promote and contribute to a satisfactory and meaningful work experience while enriching preparation for successfully competing and participating in tomorrow’s workforce
  • To conduct research in student employment matters, to help develop a greater understanding of the role and value that employment has within the spectrum of collegiate experiences as well as developing programs and approaches to improve the practical application and development of work skills that contribute to professional growth

SSR maintains an open door policy so as to be responsive to the needs of student staff and job seekers and is available to provide information and a wide range of other services such as job mentoring, evaluation, one-on-one skills development/job search assistance and assistance with job/work related issues or problems. This unit conducts searches and placement of students for the various operations of FSA and other opportunities on and off campus when applicable. SSR staff primarily assists students in navigating the on-campus job landscape and facilitates access to these opportunities by proactively identifying vacancies and working with work units to find and place students in appropriate work situations throughout the year including during intersessions.

Another facet of SSR’s functions is the development of a student employment data base from which cohorts can better understand the actualized and potential value and role of this means for student learning outside of the class room.. From such data, new “Learning and Earning” opportunities have been devised including the “Excellerated Pay” program as well producing analyses, reports, manuals, policies and procedures and a wealth of data that spur innovative thinking and programs, What’s more, there have been other means that have evolved for availing resources exclusively to Stony Book students such as newsletters and synoptic learning modules that concisely cover practical and meaningful subject matter which serve as the foundation for establishing and maintaining successful careers and an extensive multi-media library covering work success subject matter. Not to be forgotten are interdepartmental collaborations with such departments as the SBU College of Business and others from which FSA student staff have been beneficiaries.

Also not to be forgotten are the numerous proactive SSR staff who have been Student Employees of the Year including the only SBU student to have ever earned a multi-state regional title and recognition as Student of the Year and the Director of the department who was conferred the campus’ President’s Award for Diversity and Affirmative Action. Other FSA student employees have also been Student of the Year, and while others have gone onto notable entrepreneurial and professional careers because they have envisioned the possibilities and seized the myriad opportunities for self development while helping fellow students with their growth potential.

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