About the Faculty Student Association

The Faculty Student Association (FSA) is a not-for-profit auxiliary services corporation licensed by the State University of New York to provide goods and services that contribute to the quality of campus life in a flexible, efficient and responsive manner to support the mission of the Stony Brook campus. Over the years, the Faculty Student Association has seen tremendous growth as the needs of the University and mission of the Association have developed.

FSA Mission Statement – Seawolves First!

We are committed to exceed expectations by consistently delivering positive results and bringing real changes that fit the needs of our diverse campus.

By collaborating with the campus community, we will enhance SBU services and deliver the best experience for our students in a fiscally responsible manner.

Values and Partnership Statements


Service and Contributions

FSA - the Stony Brook Faculty Student Association operates with no State support and is responsible for generating revenues to support its services, fund major capital improvements, and contribute to the educational, health care, and outreach missions of the University. Over the past five years, FSA has provided funding for over $15 million in capital improvements, mostly in dining hall renovations, $4 million in University program support, $3.5 million in student employment, and $600,000 in student scholarships.

Brand Name Products

FSA is proud to offer brands such as Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. Offering these trusted and well recognized brands was a collaborative effort between FSA, Campus Dining Services and students. Through student surveys and input from the Student Voice Committee, FSA was able to offer your favorite brands right here on campus at prices that are lower or equal to these national chains located off campus.


Since 2005, FSA operations have contributed over $3.8 million to student scholarship funds.

FSA scholarships, including the exclusive beverage agreement, support Stony Brook's educational mission

"It comes down to education; the University providing more access to education.
The net revenues generated by this contract funds scholarships for students.
The University is funding 1850 scholarships awarded to our students for fall 2008.
The net revenues from this contract help support the funding of the 1850 scholarships.
We are all about helping students trying to pay for education."

-Lyle Gomes, University Controller.

University Support

Since 1995, FSA has returned over $28 million to Stony Brook University programs, scholarships, and facilities. This support has provided scholarships to students, improved the quality of campus life, and supported campus operations.

Promotions and Discounts

FSA - The Stony Brook Faculty Student Association is proud to bring the campus community new services to make every day living more convenient.

Education discounts and exclusive savings are now available with Dell and Apple. For an easy, convenient and secure shopping environment, go to or

Students save 10% on select regularly priced monthly service plans with Sprint.

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