FSA Board of Directors

The FSA Board of Directors oversees the management of FSA. It is composed of members appointed by the University President, student governance, and the University Senate. The Executive Director of FSA is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board.

Much of the Board’s business is accomplished in its standing committees, which make recommendations to the Board on policy matters. The Board meets monthly to receive Committee reports and set direction for FSA's operations.


Name Board Position University Affiliation
*Peter Baigent President Administration – Vice President for Student Affairs
*Thomas Kirnbauer Vice President Graduate Student – GSO Executive Committee Member
*Robert Megna Treasurer Administration – University Chief Financial Officer – ex-officio voting member
*Pura Capone Secretary Administration – Graduate Clinical Placements and Contracts Coordinator, Stony Brook University School of Nursing
Cole Lee   Undergraduate Student – USG President
Kayley Murphy   Undergraduate Student – USG Appointee
Lydia Senatus   Undergraduate Student – USG Appointee
Norman Goodman   Faculty – Department of Sociology
Gerrit Wolf   Faculty – College of Business
Matthew Whelan   Administration – Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Lynn Johnson   Administration – Vice President for Human Resource Services
Nadeem Siddiqui   Administration – FSA Executive Director – ex-officio

*Executive Committee member

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