What if I am sick and cannot get to the dining hall for food?

Ask an RA or RHD to provide you with a note stating that you are ill. Then, a friend can take your meal card, and the note, to a resident dining hall (Kelly, Roth, or H) where the cashier will allow him/her to get food to take back for you.

If I am not feeling well and need something (such as soup) that is not on the menu, can this be accommodated?

Give a call to one of the phone numbers below, or have a friend contact your closest Resident Dining Hall Manager on duty. The managers will be receiving updated information on the best food choices when dealing with symptoms of the flu and will have supplies on hand.

Who should I contact regarding any questions I have about getting food when I cannot leave my room because I am ill?

Call your local Dining Hall Manager on duty:

  • Kelly Dining Center: 632-6519
  • Roth Food Court: 632-2920
  • H Cafeteria: 632-1515


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