If I miss class due to my (possible) infection will I be excused from class?

Instructors will adjudicate absences based upon information provided.  Students are encouraged to contact their instructor by e-mail, blackboard or phone if they become ill and cannot attend class. If possible, do not wait until you are well enough to return to class to report your absence. Ultimately, the authority for deciding whether the documentation presented by the student justifies an excused absence rests with the instructor. All students are expected to abide by each instructor's class attendance policy. Regardless of whether an absence is excused or unexcused, the student is responsible for making up all work that is missed.

Even though SBU Policy tells me to stay home while I still have a fever?

Yes, while faculty will be as flexible as possible and will be working with students to ensure that they are not unduly harmed by their absences, it is important to understand that the University's absence policy has not changed.  

Can someone else report my illness if I am unable to?

It is your responsibility to report your illness.

Can I drop a class if I get too far behind due to my absences?

After the Add/Drop period and prior to (the end of) week 9 of classes, students may withdraw from a class as long as they maintain 12 credits; a W will appear on the student's transcript. For Fall 2009, the deadline is Monday, November 2 at 4 p.m. After week 9 of classes, students must petition for withdrawal. The petition form can be obtained from the Office of Academic Advising and submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs. (Engineering students should go to the Engineering Undergraduate Office in both cases.)

Can I wear a disposable mask in class?


Will the university notify my instructors or should I?

The University will not notify your instructors. You should contact your instructor by e-mail, through blackboard (if appropriate), or by phone to let your instructor know you have the flu and to discuss with your instructor appropriate steps to make up work.

Will this affect my ability to ask for a class drop or a medical withdrawal?

Most students who experience flu like symptoms and are able to return to classes 24 hours after fever is gone. We are encouraging students to first try and make up any missed classes; we are alerting faculty to expect a greater than average absentee rate during this fall's flu season and to be lenient in their adjudication of flu-related absence from class.  Make an appointment with a medical provider if your symptoms do not decrease in severity.  For a medical withdrawal you will need documented medical intervention.

What happens if my instructor is too ill to teach?

Academic departments are in the planning phase of looking at a higher than average absentee rate. Departments will ensure that courses continue to meet on a regular basis.


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