Can I ask a student to leave class if they appear to be sick?

No. A student cannot be removed from class after arriving ill, but you can encourage them to go home, take care of themselves, and return 24 hours after their fever drops below 100 degrees. (Fever should be gone without the use of fever-reducing medication.)

Why aren’t students being isolated at the Infirmary, the University Hospital or a Residence Hall?

The anticipated number of ill students makes an isolation strategy impossible. Housing is at 100% capacity and the Infirmary does not have available beds to isolate the numbers we anticipate. The specialized care available in the University Hospital must be reserved for those in the campus - and the greater - community with more severe disease who cannot be managed at home or as outpatients.

What changes can I make to my course structure to minimize the impact of the widespread absences that are predicted this fall?

Instructors should try to place as much course content as possible, including assignments and lecture outlines, on their class website. Instructors should tend towards leniency in adjudicating student absences during this fall flu season.

Shouldn’t students just drop my class if they get the flu?

Most students will be able to make up work missed due to about with the flu virus, which typically lasts 3-4 days. Students who are impacted more severely must consider a wide range of academic and financial issues as they decide whether to drop a course or withdraw from the entire semester. Faculty should advise students to see an advisor before the student makes decisions regarding course drops and withdrawals.

What should I do if I get ill?

See Faculty & Staff Resources: Faculty & Staff Absences

Guidelines regarding faculty absences are as follows:

For unanticipated absences such as illness or family emergency, instructors must notify the program or department chair or academic dean as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made regarding classes and other scheduled activities.

Having information regarding your course on a course website will help to keep the course running smoothly if you need to be replaced for a few days. Academic departments should devise and distribute a plan for how the unit will cope with a higher-than-normal number of instructor absences this fall.

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