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Many University scholarships are awarded with the provision that the student continue to meet the guidelines that were defined when the student initially accepted or applied for the scholarship. Most scholarship renewal eligibility is reviewed annually after the spring grades have been posted.  Departmental scholarships may be reviewed at the end of each semester. If the student’s academic record indicates that the student is not in compliance with the terms of the scholarship provisions, the scholarship is not renewed. 

Students have the option to appeal the loss of their scholarship. We strongly encourage students to wait until they have restored their academic record to the required minimum for scholarship eligibility prior to submitting an appeal.

The scholarship reinstatement request process begins with the completion of the Scholarship Reinstatement Petition Form which can be downloaded from our Forms page. Additional directions for submission will be provided on the form. 

A reinstatement request must include, at a minimum the following:

  1. The completed and signed Scholarship Reinstatement Petition Form
  2. A formal letter written and signed by the student - An email, phone call, in-person request or a request from someone other than the student will not be considered. Additionally a reinstatement request may also include third party supporting documentation where applicable (examples: doctor note, death certificate, letter from academic adviser)

Procedure for Reinstatement related to GPA requirement

  • If the scholarship was lost because the student did not meet the required Cumulative GPA it is recommended that the student file a letter of appeal immediately following their successful restoration of the required Cumulative GPA.
  • Students who have experienced extenuating circumstances beyond their control that resulted in their inability to meet the required Cumulative GPA may wish to file an appeal prior to the restoration of the required Cumulative GPA. The student should indicate the circumstances surrounding their inability to meet the requirements, as well as their plan to meet these requirements in the near future.  Including third party documentation supporting the student statement is strongly suggested. Please note: scholarship reinstatement requests in situations where the cumulative GPA requirement has not yet been met are only granted when extenuating circumstances exist and where the student will be able to meet the requirements in a relatively short period of time.

Procedure for Reinstatement due to Leave of Absence or Deferred Admission

  • Students who withdrew from a semester or did not return for a semester will automatically forfeit their scholarship eligibility. In the event that a student takes a leave of absence, they may request to have their scholarship reinstated.
  • Students who are offered a freshmen scholarship who defer their admission until the following fall term (student takes a year off immediately following high school) may be eligible to be considered again for freshmen scholarships.  The procedure for requesting this consideration is identical to the procedure for leave of absence.
  • The student must submit a written letter explaining why they are taking a leave of absence, i.e. for medical reasons or to participate in a humanitarian program. The student must provide third party documentation which will address and support the reason for the student's withdrawal and/or leave of absence. To be eligible for scholarship reinstatement, the student must not be participating in a college credit bearing endeavor while absent from the University.
  • Upon return, once the student is enrolled full time, the student may formally appeal for reinstatement following the procedures outlined above.
  • IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If a scholarship is reinstated due to a leave of absence, the student will be eligible only for the remaining portion of their scholarship, minus the time away.  This may be waived if the student was out due to a medical issue.

Procedure for Reinstatement for students found guilty of Academic Dishonesty

  • If you lost your scholarship as a result of being found guilty of academic dishonesty, you must successfully complete the Q course before you are permitted to submit an appeal.  If your appeal is granted, your scholarship will not be restored for the term in which it was cancelled. Students who were suspended or expelled as a result of their academic integrity infraction will not have the opportunity to appeal the loss of their scholarship.

Scholarship appeal letters should be mailed to the following address:

  • Appeals for the loss of Honors College Scholarships should be directed to the Honors College.
  • Appeals for the loss of undergraduate departmental scholarships should be directed to the specific department.
  • Appeals for the loss of Graduate Tuition Scholarships should be directed to the graduate department.
  • All other Scholarship Appeal letters should be directed to:

Scholarship Appeal Committee
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
Room 180 Administration Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-0851

To apply for scholarship reinstatement in the Fall term, the application must be received by the financial aid office no later than October 1st of the term in question.

To apply for scholarship reinstatement in the Spring term, the application must be received by the financial aid office no later than March 1st of the term in question.


Scholarship appeals directed to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services will be responded to in writing in a timely manner.  If the appeal was sent to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services in error, it will be forwarded to the appropriate area. 

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