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When is summer federal financial aid eligibility determined?

Academic Standing and FedSAP are run after spring grades have been recorded in the system. Because the grades are generally not recorded prior to the start of summer session one, some "at risk" students may have to wait for these processes to run in order to find out if they will receive financial aid for the summer.

What defines an "at risk" student?

A student whose most current FedSAP status prior to the spring term is either:

  • Warning,
  • Probation,
  • Not Meet,
  • or if you previously received a notification from the financial aid office that you were approaching the maximum time frame limit.

Will I be awarded financial aid for the summer?

Students who are not "at risk" will be awarded summer financial aid soon after the May 1st summer award packaging date.

Students who were "at risk" will be awarded summer financial aid mid-June if they are found to be eligible, based on their new FedSAP standing. Students found to be ineligible to receive federal financial aid will be notified by the financial aid office.

How do my summer grades impact my financial aid eligibility moving forward?

If you choose to enroll in summer courses the outcome for the term is an important factor in determining your financial aid eligibility for your next term of enrollment.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Course withdrawals, and other forms of unearned attempted credits (for example: NC, F grades) will negatively impact your pace.
  • Your summer term GPA will impact your CUM GPA, which in addition to pace, is also a key factor in determining financial aid eligibility.
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