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Graduate students receiving federal financial aid awards (i.e. Direct Unsubsidized and/or Graduate PLUS Loans) must meet Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. These FedSAP requirements are part of the general eligibility requirements and are designed to insure that students are making satisfactory progress towards degree completion.

  • 1.  Graduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.  (Effective Summer 2015)


    2.  Graduate students must complete their program within the maximum timeframe as defined by their graduate school. Students should visit their graduate school or the school’s website to familiarize themselves with these maximum time frame requirements.


  • If a student is failing to meet the cumulative GPA, he/she will first receive a Warning.  A Warning stuats allows student to receive federal aid for the semester, and he/she should use this semester to return their academic record to within compliance.

    Students who are still not meeting SAP requirements after their Warning semester, or those who have exceeded the maximum time frame, will be notified that they are ineligible to receive federal financial aid.

    An appeal process is available for those who have notified that they are no longer eligible for federal financial aid. The appeal form can be downloaded from our Forms page.  Students who successfully appeal will be placed on Probation without an Academic Plan (given one term to meet guidelines) or Probation with an Academic Plan.  Students who are placed on Probation with an Academic Plan will be required to meet the terms of their academic plan in order to have their federal aid eligibility extended while they are still failing to meet minimum guidelines.  

    Students that choose not to appeal, or whose appeal has been denied, will have their financial aid eligibility restored in a future term once they meet all of the FedSAP guidelines.

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