Spring 2015

John Bailyn - Linguistics
The Post-Socialism Research Institute: Curricular and Research Initiatives

Nerissa Balce - Asian and Asian American Studies
Fascinating Fascism: A Digital Archive of Contemporary Filipino Literature and Propaganda during the Marcos Regime

Catherine Bradley - Music
Song Sounding and Written: English Medieval Music Books as Material Objects

Simone Brioni - European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Colonial and Post-Colonial Encounters: East Africa and Italy

Toby Buonagurio - Art
Neon Auroras

Robert Chase - History
Civil Rights on the Cell Block: The Prisoners' Rights Movement and the Construction of the Carceral State

Shimelis Gulema - Africana Studies
Environment, Development, and the Politics of Human Rights in Africa

David Hicks - Anthropology
The Santa Cruz Massacre

Susan Hinely - History
Transnational Identities: Links between Suffragist and Anti-imperial Activism, 1905-1914.

Judith Lochhead - Music
The Sonic Phoenix:classical music in the digital era

Ryan Minor - Music
German Opera and its Publics, from Mozart to Weill

Douglas Pfeiffer - English
Material Style: Renaissance Readers and Their Marks

Lori Repetti - Linguistics
46th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages

Michael Rubenstein - English
Unaccountable Growth: Literary Character, Economic Development, and the Anthropocene in Fictions of the Global South

E.K. Tan - Cultural Analysis and Theory
Rojak Culture: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Singapore Literature and the Arts

Joshua Teplitsky - History
Footprints: Tracking Jewish Books through Time and Place

Kathleen Wilson - History/HISB
Stuart Hall's Americas: Policing the Crises

Fall 2014

Simone Brioni – European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
The Somali Within: Language, Race and Belonging in ‘Minor’ Italian Literature

Mallory Catlett – Theatre Arts
Decoder 2017

Thomas Graf – Linguistics
Human Sentence Processing as a Window into Efficient Structure Inference

Robert Hoberman – Linguistics
Symposium on Arabic Linguistics

Jennifer Jerit – Political Science
Disgust and the Ebola Virus: Emotional Triggers in Media Coverage and their Effect on Public Opinion

Tiffany Joseph – Sociology
Expenses for Book Manuscript Completion and Startup Expenses for New Project

Peter Khost, Robert Kaplan – Writing and Rhetoric
Study of Writing Transfer in Stony Brook University’s College of Arts and Sciences

Liz Montegary – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Mobile Desires: The Erotics and Politics of Mobility Justice

Elizabeth Newman – History
From Country to Kitchen: Material Culture in Mexico

Anne O'Byrne– Philosophy
Subjects and Simulations: Between Baudrillard and Lacoue-Labarthe

Margaret Schedel – Music/cDACT
The Texture of Unmeasured Times

Joshua Teplitsky – History
Colloquium on the Study of the Book: Cultures, Practices, Technologies

Eric Zolov – History
Archival Research in Mexico City

Spring/Summer 2014

Mark Aronoff, Matthew Lerner – Linguistics/Psychology
Building a bridge between research communities: a conversation on autistic communication, sign language, and implications for social interaction

Abena Asare – Africana Studies
The Peculiar Beginnings of Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Phenomenon

Izumi Ashizawa – Theatre Arts
Mysterious Lake

Michael Becker – Linguistics
A legit study of English iambic truncation

Lisa Diedrich – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Racial and Sexual Politics of Health

Agnes He – Asian and Asian American Studies
Distinguished Lecture Series on Multilingual and Intercultural Communication

Gallya Lahav – Political Science
How does Immigration Discourse Matter, or Does it? The Effects of Threat Frames on Public Opinion

John Lutterbie – Theatre Arts
Autism and Empathy: Making Connections

Janis Mimura – History
Axis Pact, Propaganda, and Culture in Wartime Japan

Donna Rilling – History
Mapping Long Island

Jeffrey Santa Ana – English
Racial Feelings: Asian America in a Capitalist Culture of Emotion

Christopher Sellers – History
Website: Stories of Environmental Danger and Disaster

Katheryn Twiss – Anthropology
Bringing home the beef: religion, labor, and the origins of Central Anatolian cattle herding

Kathleen Vernon – Hispanic Languages & Literature
Contemporary Women's Cinema: Global Scenarios and Transnational Contexts

Don Welton – Philosophy
A New Model of the Living-Moving Body for The Understanding of Theatrical Performance and of Certain Aspects of Autism and Parkinson’s Disease

Fall 2013

Margarethe Adams – Music
Music and Muslim Shrine Pilgrimage in Kazakhstan

Jennifer Anderson – History
New York-Caribbean Connections in the 18th Century

Ray Anderson – Music
Premier of New Compositions

Mallory Catlett – Theatre Arts
This Was The End

Stephen Decatur-Smith – Music
Natural History in Theodor Adorno's Musical Thought

Crystal Fleming – Sociology
Stigma, Slavery and Anti-blackness in the French Caribbean

Lori Flores – History
Golden Brown City: Latinos and the Making of San Francisco

Raiford Guins – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Tennis For Two, Or the Love of Analog Technology & Curious Cabinets

John Lutterbie – Theatre Arts
Creativity and Reception: The Mirroring System

Eduardo Mendieta – Philosophy
Sound and Affect: Voice, Music, World

Zebulon Miletsky – Africana Studies
Beyond Busing: Oral-History Project on Long Freedom Movement in Boston

Shankar Shobana – History
Indian Religious Dissenters and the Search for Asylum in West Africa, 1915-2010

Tracey Walters – Africana Studies
Beyond The Apron: Representing the Lives of Domestic Workers in Black Art, Literature, and Film

Jiwon Yun – Linguistics
The role of prosody in sentence comprehension

Spring / Summer 2013

Narissa S. Balce – Asian and Asian American Studies
The Bones of Empire: The Filmic Afterlives of the Philippine-American War

Michele Bogart – Art
The Real Downton Abbeys: Circuitries of Art Patronage, Tourism, and Historic Preservation in the Great Houses of England

Mary Jo Bono – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Archiving Ethnicity and the Tina De Rosa Papers

Toby Buonagurio – Art
"Tableaux Digital Photography: Altered Personas"

Stephen Decatur-Smith – Music
Theodor Adorno, Natural History, and Musical Modernism

Lisa Diedrich – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Thinking Ecologically: Rachel Carson as relay figure between environmentalism, feminism, and AIDS activism

Chrystal Fleming – Sociology
The Rising Tide: Colonial Legacies and Black Politics in Contemporary France

Takafuni Ide – Art
ambiguous moment

E. Ann Kaplan – Humanities
Humanities for the Environment: Politics, Science and the Ecologies of Value

Peter Khost – Writing and Rhetoric
Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Composition Research, An Inquiry into the Potential Effects of Self-Reflection Techniques on the Habits of Mind of First-Year Writing Students

Michael Kimmel – Sociology
Masculinity Studies Colloquium Series

Eduardo Mendieta – Philosophy
Capital of the Cold War: La Havana after the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Ryan Minor – Music
German Opera and its Publics, from Mozart to Weill

Patrice Nganang – Cultural Analysis and Theory
pulsations - No 3

Margaret Schedel – Music
Devotion Gallery: A case Study in HCI and Digital Arts Practice at the Human Computer Interaction

Jeanette Yew – Art
Are They Edible

Amy Yopp-Sullivan – Center for Dance and Movement
Critical Movement and the Babel Technique

Fall 2012

Izumi Ashizawa – Theatre Arts
The Kojiki Project

Benedict Robinson – English
Feeling Words: An Early Modern Philology of the Affections

Elisabeth Hildebrand – Anthropology
The Origins of Coffee

Elizabeth Newman – History
Transforming Labor: Work and Family in the 19th Century Kural Mexico

Giuseppe Gazzola – European Languages
England and Italy: Poetry and Poetic Influence in the Nineteenth Century

Jamuna Samuel – Music
Research in the Archives of Composers Luigi Nono and Bruno Maderna

Jared Farmer – History
Mormons in the Media, 1830-2012

Javier Uriarte – Hispanic Languages and Literature
Brazil and / in The Americas: New Perspectives On An Ongoing Dialogue

John Drury – Linguistics
Language, Music and Emotion Research Group

John Lutterbie – Theatre Arts
Environmental Project

Liz Montegary – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Sporting Matters: Sexualities, Gender, and Race in the 21st Century

Melissa Forbis – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Guerella Movements and Gender: A Comparative Study of the EZLN and Naxal Movements

Michael Zweig – Economics
Class Dimensions of Poverty in the United States

Nancy Hiemstra – Cultural Analysis and Theory
Examining the Internal Economics of Migrant Detention Facilities: A Pilot Study

Tracey Walters – Africana Studies
Race and Representation: The Black in Literature, Media and the Arts

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