Requirements for the Major in English (EGL)

The major in English leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Courses must be passed with a letter grade of C or better in order to satisfy Requirement A below.

Completion of the major requires 54 credits. 

A. Study within the Area of the Major

  1. EGL 204 Literary Analysis and Argumentation (Prerequisite to all EGL 300 level courses. Special accommodations will be made for transfer students and crosslisted courses)
  2. EGL 207 The English Language

  3. EGL 205 Survey of British Literature I

  4. Two survey courses from the following:

    1. EGL 206 Survey of British Literature II

    2. EGL 217 American Literature I

    3. EGL 218 American Literature II

  5. EGL 200-level elective course

  6. EGL 301 Intensive Writing

  7. Two 300-level Pre-1800 courses

  8. EGL 300-level course in American or Anglophone Literature

  9. Four courses from EGL 300-399 

Notes on Section A:

  1. No English course below the 200 level may be used to fulfill English major requirements. In addition, the following courses may not be used for the English major: EGL 440, EGL 441, EGL 449, EGL 450, EGL 451, EGL 452, EGL 454, EGL 475, EGL 476, EGL 488, EGL 494, EGL 495.

  2. At least 12 credits in EGL courses applied to the major in English must be earned in 300-level courses at Stony Brook.
  3. Of the eight 300-level required courses, only one may be EGL 385, EGL 396, or EGL 387.

B. Study in Related Areas

  1. Foreign Language Requirement: *Six credits, or the equivalent of one year, of college study at the intermediate level, or one semester of study at the advanced level, or a passing grade on a challenge examination (see page 90 of this Bulletin) in the chosen language.

  2. Six credits of study of History at the 200-level or higher. 


1. To satisfy Requirement B, courses must be passed with a letter grade of C or better. 

C. Upper-Division Writing Requirement

Satisfactory completion of EGL 301 with a grade of C or better.

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