The Combined BA/MA in English


The Combined BA-MA allows the highest achieving undergraduate English majors early admission into the English MA Program.  Once admitted, students take four graduate English courses in place of undergraduate courses that are similar in content. The combined degree has two tracks: one leads to English Teacher Certification, while the other leads only to the MA.  This program is designed for students to finish both the undergraduate and graduate degree in five years, although there is no requirement to finish in this period.

Please note that graduate tuition is charged at a different rate than undergraduate tuition, and undergraduate financial aid cannot be used once students are designated as graduate students.  Students are categorized as graduate students after they have earned six credits at the 500-level. Please consult with a financial aid officer to find out how this program would affect any financial aid you receive.

For more information, including application procedures, please contact Margaret Hanley. Applications are due January 15 for fall semester matriculation and October 15 for spring semester matriculation.

 For more information on the MA program in English, please see the MA Handbook.

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