Bente Videbaek


Early Modern Drama, Science Fiction, High Fantasy
Humanities 2088 | 631-632-7400
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I was born and educated in Denmark, where I obtained a degree in English language and literature in 1972, and one in Scandinavian literature and languages in 1978. Six months of rigorous student teaching completed by preparation to teach "gymnasium." The equivalent in America is high school in terms of student age, but not in content. Danes have ten years of mandatory schooling, but most young people continue their education in specialized fields. "Gymnasium" is meant as a preparation for university studies of usually six years or more, and the course content can be best likened to AP courses here.

While I was still a university student, I was offered an opportunity to teach "Højere Forberedelseseksamen," or HF, a then newly created alternative in my field, catering mainly to adults who wanted to piece together credits enough to be admitted to a university. As there was a teacher shortage at the time, I soon found myself teaching full time alongside my own studies.

I was given tenure in 1978/79, and continued in my teaching position until my husband, a physicist, was offered a wonderful research opportunity at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. I regretted leaving my school, for I truly loved teaching, but saw this move as an opportunity for further studies, and was accepted at Northwestern University in Evanston to study for the Ph.D.

While I was writing my dissertation, my husband was offered his present job at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island. In May, 1990, we moved to Port Jefferson and have lived here ever since. We have two sons, who have thoroughly enjoyed their SBU experience in Engineering and Physics.

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