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My first and most substantial publication, The Stage Clown in Shakespeare's Theatre, is most affordable on—it's hard to come by comfortably in book form. I just feel like beating my own drum—this is one sweet review:

"Dr. Videbaek's book on the clown's role in Shakespeare is a highly original and illuminating account of the contributions of the plays of the resident comics in Shakespeare's company. The approach in this study is far from being narrowly literary or historical, but displays and excellent sense of theatre, and of the Elizabethan theatre in particular, treating Shakespeare's playwriting as a full performance art. The book is gratifyingly written, very much in the current mode of performance criticism. I know of no study of the Elizabethan clown that senses so sensitively and richly his function in performance on the stage."-J.L. Styan, Franklin Bliss Snyder Professor Emeritus of English Literature and Theatre, Northwestern University

I was co-founder and for a couple of years managing co-editor of an on-line journal, This Rough Magic. The journal is dedicated to teaching early modern texts, and chances are that, if you have a paper due on drama in that time frame, you will find something good here. I have an article on "To Be" (my man Hamlet and all) on this site.

The Wooden O is a journal now available on-line as well as in print. Again, I have an article on Love's Labour's Lost and Marlowe's Doctor Faustus in this publication, but it's an excellent go-to source for outside sources for Shakespeare's plays in particular. Browse! You might find something to your liking!


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