I am a Danish Dane from Denmark, and though few of our works get translated, let me try you on a few, old and new. All of these I like. I hope you will too.

Niels Lhyne, I.P. Jacobsen
This is my all-time favorite bildungsroman. You suffer, you learn, you grow.

Smilla's Sense of Snow, Hoegh
Colonialism well and thoroughly and chasteningly explored. Some wonderful characters, and quite a twist at the end.

Seven Gothic Tales, Iisac Dienesen/Karen Blixen
A truly Gothic short story collection that will introduce you to Danish society around the turn of the 20th century. This one rocks!

The Exception, Christian Jungersen
An exploration of contemporary society, warts, many warts and all. And it has a truly sick twist at the end. Jungersen is young, so he cheats a bit, but there's hope for more to come. 

Again, there are more. If you feel happy with one ore more of these, please let me know. I'll be happy to supply more.

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