EGL 205
Last taught Fall 2012
This class introduces us to the very early English literature, Beowulf to Milton. I strive to give my students a sense of history and changing society as reflected in these very old, sometimes alien, but always wonderful texts. This is where my heart is.

EGL 207
Last taught Fall 2012
This is the (sometimes dreaded) history and Structure of the English Language class. I have always been fascinated with the structure of languages. As a Dane, I share my language with around 5.5 million other people (where is that in comparison to NYC, I'm just asking?), so before we leave school around age 18 chances are that we have three other languages, at least two, under our belts. In my fascination, I dabbled in substantially more than that. So most of my 207 is concerned with linguistics and the development of that as the language changes over time. This makes me disturbingly cheerful. 

EGL 301
Last taught Spring 2013
This is the writing intensive class, "EGL 204 on steroids," and I must confess that grading papers to help improve academic writing is something I enjoy very, very much. I have recently been teaching 301 through the medium of High Fantasy, but also through Early Modern, non-Shakespearean plays. The High Fantasy texts spark wonderful discussion most of the time, and it is a genre I find sadly undervalued. I enjoy the opportunity to share ideas with my students in this context. 

EGL 362
Last taught Spring 2012
This class is a wonderful opportunity to explore Early Modern Drama, and we do avoid Shakespeare as much as we can—there is so much more out there for our enjoyment. If you don't know playwrights such as Webster, Middleton, and Ford, do come by and enjoy some wholesome violence, blood and guts, and deviant sexuality!

EGL 394
Last taught Spring 2013
Science Fiction, a DEC H! DEC H and literature—what's not to love? We share hard sci-fi texts, novels and short stories, look at the social implications they pose, and the fear of technology most often rampant in them. I try to get at least one, sometimes, when I am lucky, three, scientists to drop by and enlighten us, causing is EGL headaches, but letting us know we earned our DEC H! 


Department of English, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5350 - Undergraduate: 631 632-7400 | Graduate: 631 632-7373

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