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"The Material of Modernity: British Garments in Literature and Culture, 1900-1940"
Editor, “The Cambridge Companion to Modernist Cultures” (under contract)

British Modernism and Censorship. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006 (Paperback 2009). 

Recent Articles

“Dublin Inc.: Municipal Corporation Reform in 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room.'” James Joyce Quarterly, forthcoming 2015.

"The Modern(ist) Mackintosh." Modernism/modernity 19.1 (2012): 43-71. [Project MUSE]

“Smart Clothes at Low Prices: Alliances and Negotiations in the British Interwar Secondhand Clothing Trade.” Cultures of Femininity in Modern Fashion, edited by Ilya Parkins and Elizabeth Sheehan. Lebanon: UP of New England, 2011. 71-86.

“Thinking Back through Copyright: Freedom and Fair Use in Virginia Woolf’s Nonfiction.” Modernism and Copyright, edited by Paul Saint-Amour. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. 65-86.

"How It Struck a Contemporary: Negative Press on the Omega."Virginia Woolf Miscellany 74 (Fall 2008): 16-8. [Virginia Woolf Miscellany]

"The Case of 'Jenny': Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Censorship Dialectic." Victorian Literature and Culture 33 (2005): 557-584. [JSTOR]

"Looking for Woolf in the National Archives." Virginia Woolf Miscellany 65 (Spring 2004): 7-8. [Virginia Woolf Miscellany]

"History's 'Abrupt Revenges': Censoring War's Perversions in The Well of Loneliness and Sleeveless Errand." The Journal of Modern Literature 26.2 (2003): 145-159. [JSTOR]

"Parodying the £5 Virgin: Bernard Shaw and the Playing of Pygmalion." The Yale Journal of Criticism 13 (2000): 321-341. [Project MUSE]

"Publication and 'Public Women': Prostitution and Censorship in Three Novels by Virginia Woolf." Modern Fiction Studies 45 (1999): 853-886. [Project MUSE]

“Virginia Woolf and Feminist Intellectual History: The Case of Josephine Butler and Three Guineas.” Virginia Woolf and Her Influences. Ed. Laura Davis and Jeanette McVicker. New York: Pace University Press, 1998. 91-7.

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