As a full-time Administrator, I have mainly taught graduate courses. Over the years, I have taught a huge variety of courses, and these have frequently been linked to ongoing themes and programs I have organized at the Humanities Institute. Often, I have had the privilege of co-teaching various courses, and I have learned a great deal through this practice. Examples of productive co-taught courses range from my first SBU course co-taught with Don Ihde on "Postmodernism and Technology," followed by co-teaching a course on "Psychoanalysis and the Arts" with Donald Kuspit. More recently, I co-taught a course on "The Archive" with Susan Scheckel, and now have twice co-taught an original course on "Theorizing World Cinema" with Adrian Perez Melgosa. My own Trauma Studies courses have taken up varied themes in the past few years, from thinking about Trauma and Age, Trauma and Chinese Culture, and Traumatic Temporalities. I look forward to teaching a new course on "Environmental Humanities: Politics, Science and Ecologies of Value" in Fall 2013.

As Director of the Humanities Institute, I have been lucky to be able to host research seminars in the Institute. One such Seminar, "Transnational Cultures: Affects and Politics" has continued now for many years. 

A major pedagogical initiative that I introduced four years ago involves co-ordinating three linked graduate courses each semester on a theme broad enough to bring together faculty and students from a range of disciplines across the College of Arts and Sciences. With the Dean's funding, we are able to bring in three distinguished scholars each semester to lecture to the three classes at the same time. The interdisciplinary interchange in these cases is quite remarkable, challenging students to grasp ideas often formulated in ways very different from their own discipline.

Department of English, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5350 - Undergraduate: 631 632-7400 | Graduate: 631 632-7373

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