Invited Presentations

“Maternal Anti-Nuclear History.” St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, Russia, Summer, 2012.

“Feminism and Anti-Nuclear Mothers.” Green Festival. NYC, Spring, 2012.

“Mothers and Anti-Nuclear Activism.” Left Forum, Pace University, NYC, 2012.

“Mothers and Anti-Nuclear Activism.” With Susan Griffin, Medea Benjamin, and Cindy Folkers. Poets and Busboys, Washington, DC. Fall, 2011.

“After Fukishima: Nuclear Power and Public Health.” "After Fukushima" event, Humanities Institute, Stony Brook University. Fall, 2011.

“Sandra Steingraber’s Ecofeminism and Cancer: An Introduction to Living Downstream, the Film.” Humanities Institute, Stony Brook University. Spring 2011.

“An Introduction to Ecofeminism,” Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY for Greenweek. March 2009.

Keynote Address

ARM Conference. “Ecofeminism and Mothering in Literature and Film.” University of Toronto, 2009.

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