Dunn, Patricia A. Excerpt from Chapter 3, “Learning Differences: The Perspective of LD College Students,” of my 1995 book, Learning Re-Abled: The Learning Disability Controversy and Composition Studies. Reprinted in Disability/Teaching and the Teaching of Writing: A Critical Sourcebook. Eds. Brenda Jo Brueggeman and Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson, with Jay Dolmage. Bedford/St. Martin’s. 2008: 147-150.

Dunn, Patricia A. and Kathleen Dunn De Mers. “Reversing Notions of Disability and Accommodation: Embracing Universal Design in Writing Pedagogy and Web Space” Excerpted and reprinted in Computers in the Composition Classroom: A Critical Sourcebook. Eds. Michelle Sidler, Richard Morris, Elizabeth Overman Smith. Boston and New York: Bedford/Martins, 2008. 228-230 (Release date, March 2007) Originally published in Kairos 7.1 (2002).

Brueggemann, Brenda Jo, Linda Feldmeier White, Patricia A. Dunn, Barbara Heifferon, and Johnson Cheu. "Becoming Visible: Lessons in Disability." Excerpted and reprinted in Disability and the Teaching of Writing: A Critical Sourcebook. Edited by Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson and Brenda Jo Brueggmann. Boston and New York: Bedford/ St. Martins,2008. 141-145.

Bruggemann, Brenda Jo, Linda Feldmeier White, Patricia A. Dunn,  Barbara A. Heifferon, and Johnson Cheu."Becoming Visible: Lessons in Disability." CCC The Journal of the Conference on College Composition and Communication 52.3 (February, 2001): 368--398. Reprinted in Relations, Locations, Positions: Composition Theory for Writing Teachers. Eds. Peter Vandenberg, Sue Hum, Jennifer Clary-Lemon. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 2006: 500-534. 

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