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Katie Amella Katie Amella
BA, 2001; MA, 2003
"As an English major, I spent years carefully reading, studying, and writing about other people’s writing.  That immersion in literature strengthened my writing and editing skills, and those skills have helped me to land jobs out in the “real world” on more than one occasion.  My first full-time job after grad school was working as an Editorial Assistant for a biology journal – a job that I enjoyed, despite the inevitable culture shock I suffered upon realizing that spending one’s days reading manuscripts about genetics and bat flight mechanisms is a vastly different experience from reading Shakespeare and Irish poetry!  Even in my current job as an administrator with the Philosophy Department here on campus, my writing and editing skills are put to good use every day, whether I’m writing letters for students or composing reports for my supervisors."
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Department of English, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5350 - Undergraduate: 631 632-7400 | Graduate: 631 632-7373

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