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This document has been written to give parents, cooperating teachers, and school district administrators information about the edTPA, a new state-mandated requirement for all those seeking teacher certification in New York State. 

We thank you for supporting the next generation of teachers!

What is the edTPA?

The edTPA is a teacher portfolio-based assessment in which a student teacher must show the ability to plan lessons, manage classroom discussion, and give useful feedback on student assignments.  The tasks must be authentic tasks from the student teachers’ real classroom experience.  Beginning with the Spring 2014 semester, the New York State Education Department requires the edTPA for all those who wish to become certified teachers.  Student teachers in all of New York State must complete the edTPA.  The edTPA was designed by Stanford University faculty and staff at the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE). It is administered through Pearson.  In addition, the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) is providing information about the edTPA.  You may find their useful Frequently Asked Questions website about the edTPA here

How does the edTPA change student teaching?

Student teachers have always had to perform all the tasks listed above; however, the edTPA also requires student teachers to submit two 10 minute videos from their classes which show that they can effectively engage students in meaningful class discussions.

Does the edTPA require students’ (parents’ or guardians’) permission?

Yes.  Students and parents or guardians will be asked for their permission.  In order for a student teacher to record students (or anyone else in their videos), the student teacher must get written permission from those students (or their parents or guardians, if the student is under 18).  Student teachers will distribute consent forms to get students’, parents’, or guardians’ signatures.  Any students for whom the student teacher has not received written consent will not be included in the video.

Is information on the edTPA about middle and high school students safe?

Procedures have been put in place by Pearson and Stanford University to ensure that information about students will be safe.  Pearson and Stanford University have written this policy to ensure students’ information is safe.  Student names will NOT appear on any materials that student teachers submit, and those materials will be kept confidential at all times.  The videos and student work submitted for the edTPA will NOT be made public in any way. 

Where can I find more information about edTPA?

You may find the ACCTE’s useful Frequently Asked Questions website about the edTPA here.

Our colleagues in the SUNY New Paltz College of Education have posted a website with a good deal of useful information about the edTPA here.  There are pages with specific information for parents, cooperating teachers, and district administrators.  We encourage you to read these pages for general information about the edTPA, but please be aware that SUNY Stony Brook policies and procedures may differ slightly.

For even more information specifically about the New York State Education Department’s use of edTPA as a requirement for state teacher certification, please see NYSED’s Certification Exam Guide—particularly pages 11-22—here.  See also NYSED’s “edTPA for New York State” website here.

If you have additional questions, please email Dr. Ken Lindblom, Director of English Teacher Education at Stony Brook University at  Thank you for your interest and for your support as we implement this new state requirement for teacher certification.

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