Rosie Kavanah, President

Rosie Kavanah is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Japanese Studies. This is her second semester serving as the president of Alpha Nu Zeta. Rosie is currently pursuing her BA and MA degrees through the accelerated English BA/MA program at Stony Brook, as well as her Teaching Certification through the English Teachers’ Education Program. Rosie is a lover of all things literary, and is especially interested in literature in Old English. After completing her MA at Stony Brook, Rosie hopes to pursue her Ph.D. in medieval literature, focusing specifically on that of the Anglo-Saxons. 

Amanda Shirley, Vice President

Amanda Shirley is a senior studying English and Writing. This is Amanda’s second semester serving as the vice president of Alpha Nu Zeta. She is hoping to pursue a career in law and has an active internship as an executive assistant at a law firm during her time off from school.  Wishing to practice International Law, she currently studies German and Italian and speaks both conversationally. Her hobbies include yoga, running, rowing, and reading. Her favorite books include Waiting for Godot, The Little Prince, and Invisible Man.

Paul Longo, Secretary

Paul Longo is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Cinema and Cultural Studies. This is Paul’s second semester serving as the Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Nu Zeta, Chapter Secretary. When not reading and writing, Paul enjoys playing guitar and piano, listening to classical music, and studying the etymology of words. Paul’s favorite literary character, while ever-changing, is Ichiro Yamada from No-No Boy, as of now. Paul is working toward becoming an English professor, primarily focusing on the literature of the Holocaust, and Anti-War novels in the 20th century.

David Purificato, Treasurer

Dave Purificato is a senior majoring in History and minoring in English. This is Dave’s second semester serving as the Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Nu Zeta, Chapter Treasurer. Dave is working toward becoming a Professor of History and he is currently working on moving into a Doctoral program after graduating this May. Dave’s favorite literary character is Terciel from the Garth Nix Abhorsen Trilogy. Although Dave is actively involved on campus, he still finds time to paint his Warhammer 40K Black Templar, Imperial Guard, and Ork models; he even gets to fight them occasionally.  

Department of English, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5350 - Undergraduate: 631 632-7400 | Graduate: 631 632-7373

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