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Spring 2018


Joint Seminar: 
Stefan Svensson, US Army Research Laboratory, and  
Sergey Suchalkin, Leon Shterengas, and Dmitri Donetski, Optoelectronics Group, Dept. of ECE, Stony Brook University
Tuesday, 2/27/18, 10:00am
Light Engineering 250


Jerome Zhengrong Liang, PhD, Department of Radiology, Stony Brook University
"Computed Tomography Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy): What We Have Done, and What Challenges Remain?"
Friday, 2/2/18, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250

Fall 2017


Dr. Jordi Vilà-Valls, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
"Robust Statistical Inference in Hierarchically Gaussian Dynamic Systems"
Monday, 11/20/17, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Amir H. Goldan, Stony Brook University Radiology
"Sensing Hot Carriers in Glass"
Friday, 11/10/17, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Lin Chen, University of Paris-Sud
"Algorithm Design and Analysis in Wireless Networks"
Monday, 11/6/17, 2:00pm
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Milutin Stanacevic, Stony Brook University
"Energy-efficient RF powered tag-based sensory networks"
Friday, 11/3/17, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Alexey Belyanin, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Texas A&M University
"Optics and plasmonics of Dirac and Weyl fermions"
Friday, 10/6/17, 1:00pm
Light Engineering 250


Spring 2017


Joint Seminar: 
S. P. Svensson and W. L. Sarney, US Army Research Laboratory, and

D. Donetski and S. Suchalkin, Stony Brook University
Friday, 7/7/17, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250


Joint Seminar: 
Alexander Soibel, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and California Institute of Technology
"Extended cut-off wavelength nBn detector utilizing InAsSb/InSb digital alloy absorber"

Sergey Suchalkin, Stony Brook University
"Metamorphic InAsSb x/InAsSb heterostructures- new materials for infrared photonics"
Friday, 5/19/17, 11:30am
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Hassan Arbab, Stony Brook University, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
"Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopic and Polarization-Sensitive Imaging Techniques for Biomedical Imaging and Non-Destructive Testing Applications"
Friday, 5/12/17, 1:00pm
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Fan Ye, Stony Brook University
"Accurate, Scalable Indoor Floor Plan Construction using Mobile Devices"
Friday, 5/5/17, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Sumit Roy, University of Washington
Monday, 4/10/17, 11:00am
New Computer Science room 120
Co-hosted with Stony Brook Computer Science


Prof. Matthew Eisaman, Stony Brook University
"Engineered Transparent Graphene Electrodes"
Friday, 3/31/17, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250


Dr. Gianluigi De Geronimo, Brookhaven National Laboratory
"Microelectronics for Radiation Detectors"
Wednesday, 3/8/17, 1:00pm
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Peter Milder, Stony Brook University
"Hardware Acceleration for Deep Learning"
Friday, 2/17/17, 11:00am
Light Engineering 250

Fall 2016


Prof. Daifeng Wang, Stony Brook University, Department of Biomedical Informatics
"Systematic Multi-scale Modeling and Analysis for Gene Regulation"
Friday, 12/2/16, 1:00pm
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Shan Lin, Stony Brook University
"Tooth Brushing Monitoring using Wrist Watch"
Wednesday, 11/30/16, 2:30pm
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Alex Doboli, Stony Brook University
"(Inching) Towards Computational Creativity: Using Insight from Cognitive Psychology for Data Driven Electronic Design Automation"
Wednesday, 10/26/16, 1:00pm
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Sanjay Krishna, University of New Mexico
"Antimonide Materials for Mid-Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays"
Wednesday, 10/19/16, 12:00pm
Light Engineering 250


Prof. Emre Salman, Stony Brook University
"VLSI Design Beyond the 50th Anniversary of Moore's Law"
Wednesday, 9/28/16, 1:00pm
Light Engineering 250


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