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Course Transfer Information

Transfer Evaluations are being conducted at the Economics Undergraduate Office

Office: Social & Behavioral Sciences Building (SBS), Room S-601

Office phone: 631-632-7540

Office hours: The best way to schedule an appointment is via e-mail.



Students can transfer no more than four economics courses taken at another institution. A grade of C or higher must be earned for any course counted towards the ECO major, whether taken at Stony Brook or at another school. Most business courses will not transfer to Stony Brook for economics credit, but might be accepted for a business major or minor.

If you have already taken an economics course at another institution and you want to transfer it to Stony Brook you should bring:

  1. the course description from the college catalog and any other material from the course that describes its content (e.g. text book, exams, assignments, syllabus),
  2. your transcript,
  3. a completed transfer course evaluation form, which can be obtained from the transfer office in administration, or from the undergraduate office in the economics department.

Note: You should ignore if the course has already been evaluated by the economics department. Here is a sample of schools in the area with the courses that transfer to Stony Brook for ECO credit. This list of schools and courses is not exhaustive.

If you are planning on taking an economics course at another institution, you should consult with the department of economics first to have the course approved. Please bring the course description from the college catalog. In case the course has already been evaluated [see above], you do not need the permission of the ECO department.

An economics course from another school may be applicable for the Stony Brook economics major even if the course is not regularly offered at Stony Brook, provided that the course content is within the field of economics. In this case you will receive a general upper division ECO credit or a general 100 ECO elective credit and can be used to satisfy the ECO major requirements.

Students can also use two courses, outside the field of economics, taken at another school to satisfy the ECO major elective course requirement. In this case a student must have the course(s) evaluated by the corresponding Stony Brook department (not the department of economics). For example, AMS 201 (Matrix Methods and Models) can be taken as one of the two electives from other departments to satisfy the ECO major. If a student has taken a similar course at another school he/she must have it approved as AMS 201 from the AMS department in order to count towards his/her ECO major.

For additional information for Transfer Course Equivalencies, visit Stony Brook's Course Transfer website.

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