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AlTernative Courses

No more than ONE of the following courses outside of the Economics Department are applicable towards the ECO major:

AMS 318

Financial Mathematics

AMS 341

Operations Research I: Deterministic Models

AMS 342

Operations Research II: Stochastic Models

ANT 357

The Agricultural Revolution


Financial Accounting

BUS 355

Investment Analysis (cannot be taken for credit in addition to ECO 389 or ECO Special Topics "Portfolio Theory")

BUS 440

International Management

BUS 441

Business Strategy

EST 325

Technology in the Workplace

EST 392

Engineering and Managerial Economics

EST 393

Project Management

HIS 371

Law & Society in American History 1620-1877

MAR 340

Environmental Problems and Solutions.

MAT 203/AMS 261

Calculus III with Applications

MAT 303/AMS 361

Calculus IV with Applications

PHI 363

Philosophy of the Social Sciences

POL 319

Business Law

POL 365

Economy and Democracy

SOC 303

Social Inequality

SOC 315

Sociology of Technology

SOC 344

Environmental Sociology

SOC 348

Global Sociology

SOC/WST 371  

Gender and Work

SOC 381

Sociology of Organizations

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